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Recommend a game (1 per post)


I present to you "League of Leagues" the most fun you´ll ever have



Metal Max (NES) probably one of the first open world rpg's
With a non linear story that is optional for you to follow.
Very advanced for it's time, and nice ost.
(It was translated recently and the team behind the translation did an awesome job)


"Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation", it is a parody of "Star Trek" with tons of other easter eggs from various sources of pop-culture.
Nowadays you would need the DosBox emulator to run it properly with sounds and music.

Aug 29, 19 at 7:45pm

Be a pirate and play it on emulator. I consider it one of the best video games of all time, period. Great music, funny dialogue, good character progression, amazing soundtrack, well-aged graphics, the entire package. Absolutely delicious. Peak gaming experience from the golden era of RPGs.
*kisses fingertips*

Aug 29, 19 at 8:03pm

I've talked about this game many a time and even made a thread about it, but Dark Cloud is seriously overlooked.
I can't not recommend this game enough. Lots of people are turned off because it is repetitive, there is a fair share of grinding with weapon building, weapons break if you're not careful, there's a thirst meter so you find yourself having to carry tons of water or searching desperately for a fountain within a dungeon to replenish your thirst meter. But it's such a charming game that's so unlike most RPGs. Different events happen as you restore each town in this world that was destroyed by a Dark Genie. It's a town simulator mixed with an RPG, so you can do other things on the side when you're not exploring dungeons. I don't know if it's just me but I find it actually really fun to make really powerful weapons once you've put all of that hard work. And each and every weapon have their own unique abilities, stats, and elements to deal effective damage against certain enemy monsters.

hannes commented on Recommend a game (1 per post)
Sep 01, 19 at 11:54am

WoW Classic

Oct 15, 19 at 2:09pm

Void Gear


Homefront: The Revolution

Yeah not gonna lie, the original game was bloody crap yet somehow it was a guilty pleasure for me if I played through it's awful campaign 3 times and played a good chunk of the multiplayer (which was fun) so the name alone really shot this game in the foot. But I can really appreciate the people behind it sticking to their guns because not gonna lie, this game is honestly really damn good - one of my favourite open world games with a good story, characters that develop pretty well, great gameplay that encourages interesting tactics in both combat and stealth that rewards out of the box thinking, really challenging in a way that feels quite fair most of the time and has a pretty good length to it too. The first two missions DLCs were pretty naff but the last one was great and the co-op mode is pretty good too even though you need friends to play it with. Definitely worth a bash.

Oct 18, 19 at 11:05pm

Apparently there are still people that haven't played Nier: Automata, tho idk why...

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