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Video Game Music That Left An Impression On You


I love animal crossing but this song makes me picture myself twenty or thirty years from now sitting on my porch with my dog, taking in a beautiful view and playing my ukulele (I will have learned and mastered it by then :) and just being at peace with life


I am fond of traverse town's soundtrack and I haven't even finished this game ;w;


The original SNES Star Fox was my childhood at best, then Wave Race 64 got me into seeking video game music in stores, but none of them sold any back then as they weren't considered "real" music, but nowadays it's much easier to find. Nintendo Power magazine however, sold some game soundtracks in cassette and CD format back in the late 90s.

But to answer this topic's title, Battle Garegga in various forms seem to help calm me down when driving or at work:

Complete OST (Extra OST not on YouTube yet)

Rev. 2016


the soundtracks for the halo games will always be in my soul


This track. This track right here. Knowing I could lose the friends I've become so close to throughout the game could die in the most unceremonious ways possible made such a gargantuan impression on me.


First track you here when starting a new game, immediately new I was going to be in for one heck of a good ride when I heard this. Overall though not a single track in this game disappointed me one bit.

Another one that left an impression on me, before certain events transpired this track had such a peaceful/mellow feel to it but after the death of a particular lovable character, it changed to being very sad and mournful.

Finally this one is on the more lighthearted side, a nice inn/tavern track to listen to while you have a friendly game of Gwent(card game in The Witcher 3). Also as a fun fact, whenever I play Hearthstone I like to mute the Hearthstone music and play this in the background instead :P

Really epic boss track, don't need to say much here, just let your ears listen to this beauty xD

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The soundtrack for the Umineko vn is probably the best thing i have ever listened to, there aren't days when i don't listen to at least 1 track

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