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29 year old Male
Last online 5 months ago
Charlotte, NC
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Neverland left a comment for seafarings
Jan 16, 19 at 8:08pm

Whoa that's weird. I clicked on your avatar from the Newest tab, but the image changed when I got to your profile. Must be a glitch in the system. I got relatives in NC, but it's sooo far away ~_~. Do you get hit by oceanic storms much?

seafarings Hey neverland I looked at a few peoples profile and I always see you lol I was wondering when you would leave a comment for me. This site is super glitchy for me and I can’t post or edit anything on here so hopefully this message will go through. I’m pretty far mainland in North Carolina but I used to live up in the northeast and it would be a pretty torrential place as far as weather went. It’s pretty pleasant down here, we did have a bout of crazy weather for a week or two this year but that’s about as bad as It gets. Where are you from?
Neverland Ah, that's swell to hear holmes. I try to post on peoples walls whenever I can. I'm not as active as most of the other "active" people on the site. I guess I post more on ppl's walls than in the forums. Most of the "active" people post on the forums. They're kind of a niche group though. Hard to break into the group unless you're a girl ~_~... idk, just what I've seen. Anyhow, yea I'm only really on here during Fridays and the weekend maybe? I'm old school student still ~__~. That sounds like it must've been some awful times... maybe? I can also see the positive in it as you get to experience the power of mother nature, but at what cost? I'm from WI, currently residing in Milwaukee like 3-4 hours away from Chicago, depending on where in Chicago you want to stop at. Since I live next to a lake, the weather is pretty tepid year round thanks to the lake effect. Haven't had any good amount of snow yet, just been some rain.