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Anyone having difficulties returning to gaming?


I go through this sort of phase from time to time. Usually it's just my brain telling me to do something else for a change so usually that break from it is welcome since it stops me from feeling burnt out on a hobby I love.


it depends on what your definition of "difficulties" is. if its "financial" then yes i suppose i do in a way. My biggest difficulty is wanting to play on PC again but its to expensive for me to build one, buy all the accessories i need + maintain it / upgrade it when need be + buy all the games i want on it + antivirus (i mean tbh i dont need it but i dont like not having protection on stuff incase i click a dodgy link by accident) etc etc.. where as console I dont have to upgrade for years.

all i technically pay for is 12 months XBL ; games as and when i want them and a controller like maybe every year or 2 cos i end up having drift issues and i break em apart to fix it but only to break it further via rage or BY PURE ACCIDENT>_<

ill give pc credit. the games are cheaper to buy and theres so much more you can do on it than you can console but then again its a constant FUND which i cant do because im unable to work at the moment and if i did then i wouldnt have time to play games regulery

other than that no i have no issues with gaming. I play on Xbox One and play older games tbh. theres not many new games out there i enjoy, havent bothered buying anything new for a while. i normally buy games on deals or wait a few months listen to reviews and then buy something rather than pre-order.


I noticed that video games fixed up my thinking skills such as pattern and visual thinking and I noticed their various soundtracks help me sooth my senses when concentrating on things.

Going back to them feels like going back to college after earning a degree.


I think my PC is becoming like yours even when I put the battery saver on.When I first turn it on its at 97.


well I kind of have that difficulty when it comes to wrestling games and fighting games because back in the day I used to literally be a good gamer but when I had to go through things I started losing focus in the ways of playing video games. The series that used to be good at playing car racing games but when it comes down to racing games or car using games I ended up losing the will to play it seriously. the only time I play fighting games is if I am playing with a friend. I'm more into customizing characters now and making they're fighting styles unique or different as you can guess that I am excited for the new fighting game based off of the s. jump manga magazine jump Force.


Demon Souls killed me. It was a Christmas Gift too... T.T

judgmentoftherain commented on Anyone having difficulties returning to gaming?
Jan 20, 19 at 3:18am
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Jan 29, 19 at 2:37pm
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