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Anyone having difficulties returning to gaming?


I wish I could return to gaming, but I have a few problems:

* Some gaming platformers have their limits, but the best I can think of is a good beefed up portable PC that won't have its battery lifespan shorten enough to be like "It's fully charged, but dies when unplugged."

* With sensory issues in me, if I relax any, life itself full of any concerns becomes as startling as Scary Maze Game or other startling moments, which I fear relaxing and get stuck in defense mode even when it's safe to relax.

* I feel more like being creative than just simply playing, but maybe not very much due to same issues above.

Any advice?


You could get a laptop with a removable battery that you can upgrade or switch. Speaking of switch, that could be a solid way to game at home or on the go too!

Personally, it sounds like you'd be into RPGs. Skyrim comes to mind that you can do various thing as you want or in the style you want and not really be hindered. You could focus on apothecary, blacksmith, vampire, choice of weapons or spells etc. There's a number of builds you could choose and play in a style you could enjoy and still be able to progress however you'd like.


If you like being creative then it sounds like the old-school FPSes such as "DOOM" and "Duke Nukem 3D" would suit you quite well. Those games have very large modding communities and are very easy to make custom modifications for, if you wish to show off your creativity to the world and play at the same time.

Regarding a laptop running out of battery, just keep it on a desk beside an electrical outlet with an AC adapter plugged into it. I've been living and gaming this way for so many years and there's no problems at all.


Well, I just got my Playstation 4 and have been playing it for a couple of days. I never played the Playstation 3, so I thought there would be a huge gap in learning how to work the console. I found the controls for RDR2 a bit clunky, initially dismissing that for my lack of experience but apparently other people have complained about that for the game as well.


I have difficulties with my own nostalgia because I replay games I liked a lot 10+ years ago and now they suck because my standards got higher. Other than that I don't get much difficulty returning to gaming.


@Cupcakerin That's funny, cause for me the modern games suck since they're not maintaining the same standards and expectations as the old ones did and not putting the same value on the same elements as they used to.


blissfullforce1818: oh I agree with you, the industry is all about money now and there's not a lot of people making games with PASSION like there used to be, but it's not every games. Stuff like Fire Emblem on GBA and Gamecube, Metroid, Pokémon, Metal Gear Solid, Legend of Dragoon, Sly Cooper, Resident Evil, etc. are still sweet and delicious and will always remain in my heart.

The sucky games are like Army of Two, Grand Theft Auto 4, Star Wars Force Unleashed, Assassin's Creed, etc. I remember playing them a lot when they came out and I loved them and now I'm wondering how exactly I could enjoy them because oof they're pretty bad. It makes me want to go back in time and slap my younger self for having terrible taste.


Sort out the ones that want money and the ones making good games.

God of War
Dying Light

Naming a few that keep me coming back.


I mostly play on PC and I only have a PS4 for the exclusives.The usual suspects God of War, Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank etc etc. I dont have an Xbox or Switch for the following reason. The only exclusive that I like on Xbox is Halo and the only exclusive that I like on Nintendo is Super Smash Brother. I am not going to buy a console for a single exclusive. Hell no minimum 3 exclusives.

If your getting a console then I would wait since the next gaming generation is around the corner or just get a gaming laptop if you want a portable PC.

Anyways the reason that I play games is because its fun and I can turn off my brain and not have to worry about the bullshit in life. Kinda the same reason I watch anime too.

Dec 30, 18 at 11:42am

I've had the hardest time getting back into gaming. For how can you get back into what you never got out of?

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