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SUPER SMASH BROTHER who you main and why!?


Ness because I loved Earthbound and I like how technical he is. Also Sonic, Shulk, Palutena, Pichu and Lucas


I got a lot better with Marth when he was the only character I'd unlock in Ultimate with whom I'm good. That and with his Dancing Blade sped up, he's much better at scoring some fast KOs, but be careful with his Final Smash. I've thrown myself out of the ring more than once with that.

Getting a feel for the new Link. That remote bomb is definitely useful, but the lack of hookshot means I gotta play differently for grabbing.

Waiting to unlock Cloud. Hope he's still as kick ass as ever.


The Dorf!

Mainly because Ganondork is heavy, and had reliable priority and staying power. And of course power in general.

This account has been suspended.

Young link coz he's young link and kinda unappreciated


Maining Richter, Pit and Lucina. Can't wait to go to tournaments and start practicing with them!


It depends on who I'm playing against and what character they pick but, My favorite Character is Zelda. I just love her outfit and I know all her moves. Since I don't have a Switch I would probably pick a different character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because they keep making more characters.


Kirby, but sometimes Ness and maybe Lucas.

Kirby mainly due to being where Smash Bros. series got its elements from, as well as being Masahiro Sakurai's earliest work.

Smash Bros. got most of its elements from Kirby Super Star. Even these two are the same song:

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