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SUPER SMASH BROTHER who you main and why!?


I main Marth and Lucina.
Because is it just me or do I tend to pick fast characters that focus on melee combat as my mains in fighting games?


Snake all the way, always looking for a thrill. o( ̄▽ ̄)d
Setting people up for traps is really fun.
Lil Mac is also fun cause he hits hard.


Inkling is my current main. His neutral game is good and he's agile.


My long history with Smash welp...First game ever was Brawl and main Ness,Peach and Pit also Link.
Then when smash 4 came out it's was Pit and Peach.
Then Ultimate Pit,Peach,Joker,Pikachu Palutena.
Will always be a Pit and Peach main used to be ashamed being a Peach main back then not anymore.


Zelda for fun, Samus to Flex and Donkey Kong when shit gets real


I mainly smash my sister
No girl knows me like she does

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