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SUPER SMASH BROTHER who you main and why!?

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Dec 05, 18 at 11:54pm

Samus because you can spam fireballs.


Mr.Game and Watch. My muscle memory with him is ridiculous. Ive been using him heavily since Melee. His moveset is a blast. Ive always been drawn to small and creatively designed characters in fighting games.

Dec 06, 18 at 6:17pm

Any character of my favorite franchise
Wii fit

Dec 06, 18 at 11:10pm

Well shieeeet

Dec 08, 18 at 5:06pm

Villager :D I mean... I can grow a freakin tree!

Dec 08, 18 at 6:49pm

Inkings cause WOOMY!
Palutena cause she is Palutena.
Chrom cause the dude eats unpeeled oranges.
Pichu cause Melee.


I like Pac-man but I'm still trying to get used to it.


Ryu is the man to main!

Dec 08, 18 at 10:47pm

I'm trying to get ryu's down tilt down to muscle memory, that jawn can shatter a shield on one good blow!!! feel like his back kick in the air is part of his "bread n butter" too but I barely know smash these days.


Kirby is my mai ^_^ captain when I'm just looking to have fun

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