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SUPER SMASH BROTHER who you main and why!?


Wario main cuz im a scrub


Lots of the females in Smash but mostly these 5:

Peach cause she's super technical and has a lot of great mixups if you know how to use her properly. Her turnips play a HUGE role when fighting with her. She's got great recovery and is good at heavy pressuring. I like playing mind games with her.

Rosalina cause she's a powerful tank. Luma acts as a little shield that can absorb some damage. I find it easy to rack up a lot of damage with her. Her tag team with Luma can be scary if you know how to place the two of them on the battlefield.

Zelda cause she hits hard. Despite being low tier, I find Zelda pretty good to use. Her attacks hit hard but are also hard to hit. She's kind of a risk and reward type of character. Timing is everything with her. You just gotta know how to predict and read your opponent when using her. Always think one step ahead.

Zero Suit Samus cause she's fast, has great recovery, and overall has a lot of options. She's great at punishing, her combos can rack up tons of damage in a short amount of time and can even kill early, air game is tight, and she moves so smoothly. ZSS was one of my first ever mains when I started playing Smash Bros Brawl which was my first Smash game. She's top tier but even if she wasn't, I'd still use her cause I'm just a really big Metroid fan. :P

And finally...

The Umbra Queen herself Bayonetta! If you played Smash 4, I'm sure you know how good Bayonetta is so I don't need to say much. Main reasons though why I main her is cause she's an overall super fun character. I love her fighting style, her personality, and her games. <3 Plus as a bonus, I just love people's reactions when I use her against them when playing. She's gained a lot of salt so I like trolling with her lol. Among the five, I'd say Bayonetta would be my number one top fighter.


I fuuuuucking wreck havoc with Kirby tho he causes little damage. Still love jiggypuff tho


melee play spacies

sm4sh i play fox and roy


I usually Marth and Ryu. Marth has always been a main. Ryu because I love SF and the way they implemented him into Smash is amazing. I do want to try and main the Belmonts because I love Castlevania.


Mainly Lucas because I 1) Love the Mother games to death 2) Mained him since Brawl 3) Literally cried when he was announced for Sm4sh and 4) I spam his up-smash a lot haha but I do have some decent combos with him.
Other mains are Toon Link, Peach, Dark Pit, Fem! Robin, Bayonetta and the Mii Fighters (mainly Gunner). Characters I mained in the past were Corrin, Lucina, Sheik (mainly for trophy rush haha), and Zelda.


Zero Suit Samus. People say that she's hard to control because she shoots across the screen when she moves but it's not hard to control


I main Lucina because she fits my playstyle, and I love her character in Awakening. Some of the other characters I use are Zelda, Luigi, Diddy, and a few others. I wish I could figure out Rosalina...


Shulk. Huge Xenoblade fan and was shocked he got in. Was hoping for Rex as well but alas timing.


Link because he's one of my favorite characters in general and he's one of the characters I was able to pick up pretty quickly.

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