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clarkr left a comment for Mika
about 21 hours ago

Hello. Nice to meet you too. ^^

elhaym left a comment for Mika
Feb 15, 18 at 6:52pm

Thank you so much for the sweet greetings ^-^

My Valentine's day was great - I baked alot and my housemates do loved the cheesecake <3

I'm glad that your wifi works again :) and I must confess that baking makes more fun than cooking~ your food looks also delicious! All the sweet things <3 yeay, cupcake! *gives a slice of blueberry cheesecake*

Feb 15, 18 at 2:12am

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone~!

Hope everyone is having a fun, safe, and enjoyable Valentine's Day with family, friends, or even that special someone. ;3 Unless you're like me who's spending it...*cough* alone... >_>

But whatever. UwU

Decided to make some chocolate-filled red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and chocolate sprinkles on top to celebrate this special day. <3 Got a bit impatient which explains why the frosting is a bit runny but it's the taste and the love that counts! >w<

Anyways, again, wishing all of you guys a Happy Valentine's Day!

Now if you'll excuse me, I got some cupcakes to gobble down...alone. X3

elhaym left a comment for Mika
Feb 13, 18 at 12:32am

Ohh~ I hope it will better soon! And don't worry, ok?

Tea is still awsome :3 What do you wanna bake? And do you also like to bake and cook? I do like it :3

Feb 12, 18 at 11:52pm

I wanna talk with ALL of my mutual friends. Don’t think I’ll just add you and not try to initiate some kind of conversion but...

How does one start one at all without being so shy?!? >\\~\\< I’ll get to you eventually, I promise! Just need to stop being such a potato first. >_>


elhaym left a comment for Mika
Feb 10, 18 at 7:11am

Hey~ sorry for my late response. My week was very busy x.x

Tea is just more then a sickness drink! Tea can be so delicious - especially to an awsome cake ♥ I'm glad that you're fine :)

Feb 08, 18 at 5:01pm

Oatmeal Cookies~ My personal favorite of all cookies.

If only I could give each of my MaiOtaku friends a cookie cause cookies make you happy!

abelgianotaku left a comment for Mika
Feb 08, 18 at 10:40am

kind guy :3

Feb 05, 18 at 3:18pm

I present to you: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies! Baked them myself. It's all homemade. Nothing from the box! Super proud of the way they turned out. They're soft and chewy and soooooooo yummy~!!! =^o^=

I really love baking. Should practice a bit more. :3 Wanted something sweet and simple so I made this to satisfy my craving~

Feb 04, 18 at 4:17pm

I can't believe I just discovered Joji songs. They're all so good to listen to~! മ◡മ

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