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SUPER SMASH BROTHER who you main and why!?


Mario has the easy bake combos.
Lucas or Marth for 4 player.


Luigi in the old days. More recently I liked Wolf and Wario. Never got around to playing Cloud sadly.


Meta-Knight. Because he's one of the fastest, most responsive character.
Then I learned he's OP and stopped picking him as much because I didn't want people to tell me I'm only picking him because he's OP.


Ganondorf. Gotta represent for my goblin-looking desert bro.


Haven't played the newer super smash bros but I played the original and melee a lot and samus was my main cuz when we did 2v2 me and my friend against my little brothers we had the combo me as samus shoot horizontal and my friend as kirby vertical XD


Toon Link in SSBB, Corrin in SSB4


Kirby, because...

* Kirby Super Star is the spiritual predecessor of Super Smash Bros.
* Most Kirby games seem enjoyable.
* I own a $80 large plush and 3 small plushies wearing hats.
* Kirby Café exists and is returning with new menu and products.
* No Satoru Iwata nor Masahiro Sakurai, no Kirby nor even Super Smash Bros....

The original SSB64 was my last game I played real multiplayer with my big brother before he passed away in a car accident. Then SSBM/Melee came out and is considered by several fans the best while several others call it overrated because of both "No Items, Fox Only, Final Destination" setting with dance-dashing and other (sometimes allowed) glitches in tournaments. I got excited during SSBB/Brawl's development and midnight Smash Bros. Dojo updates. Unfortunately and sadly, both my family nearly destroying my gaming and other hobbies along with the revealing of whole rosters of SSBB/Brawl and especially both SSB3DSWII/SSB4 and SSBU/Ultimate really made it hard enough to likely not return to even poll support in SSB series.

However, I had good hopes for some characters that appeared, mostly Starfy and Saki Amamiya appear as Assist Trophies.


Link and Lucina, gotta love that sword-play. Also Lucina is top tier waifu material... and link too, i mean have you guys played breath of the wild?

Oh lala~

But when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes around I will try to make a switch for Snake, just because, I'm a hugeee fan of Metal Gear Solid and I'm just so happy to see my favourite gaming protagonist make a return!


Pit he was the first character I played when I started in brawl and been with ever since


I do a mix of Martha and Palutina, I just like styling on my opponents xD

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