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Machie Doppleman

26 year old Male
Last online 2 days ago
Mirabel, Canada
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Apr 28, 19 at 11:06am

10/10 then gotta change to taken

Apr 28, 19 at 9:49am

i dont know do they don't know do they like dad jokes and puns? XD

Apr 28, 19 at 9:03am

wasn't sure where to reply so ill do it here my perfect girlfriend would be *insert details here* and that's it

but actually
on appearance there isn't much i care about i just kinda want someone that i can hang out and have fun with whatever we are doing. at least into the occasional video game doesn't have to be a hardcore gamer is what i'm saying. obviously into anime. and a sense of humor of dad jokes and puns.

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Machie Doppleman
Dec 23, 18 at 3:07am

Hey do you guys color up your house w/ holiday decor and lights as well?


Thanks for the add.

. @pk_zero left a comment for Machie Doppleman
. @pk_zero
Nov 27, 18 at 12:46pm
This account has been suspended.
Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Machie Doppleman
Nov 24, 18 at 7:42pm

Well, first thing I would say is "Stranger Danger", also I would think that the girl could possibly be a stalker/yandere. Thus I'd probably call the cops or the local insane asylum.

If I had a choice of worlds to go into, I'd probably pick a sci-fi world or one w/ swords and magic (lots of magic). The thing that concerns me most is the "toilet". I don't know if I could use olden day toilets or just go in the bush o.O.

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Machie Doppleman
Nov 23, 18 at 4:04pm

I would concur w/ your reasoning. On top of that, I would mention how many unhappy people there are in Japan and Asian countries, especially towards those in the otaku or other outcasted demographics. Evidence such as suicides and high stress/Depression have resulted in favoritism towards escapism. It seems an overwhelmingly large amount of people thus wish for a magical "restart" in their life. I know I've thought of this before, but in my case, I'd prefer a time stop of sorts, ascertaining to immortal children, the likes of peter pan in neverland. I'd wish to never grow up and remain a child, no responsibilities, just freedom to do "mostly" as I want.

How about you m8, do you also crave escapism, perhaps towards such a magical world as in these tales of swords and sorcery?

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Machie Doppleman
Nov 23, 18 at 2:56pm

Do you also notice the trend of manga/anime becoming transferred from earth to another world, becoming popular? Why is this so? I have a guess for this.

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