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Magic The Gathering?

Apr 08, 20 at 6:25pm

Only played a little myself. My older brother is mega nerd though. He's been playing for years. Even makes fun of people who don't use sleeves or play mats. XD he buys and sells cards too to make profit.


I have a friend who is exactly the same but with yugioh.


Someone say MTG?


Of course we could play the best card game ever...

I floop da PIG!!!


Apr 08, 20 at 9:08pm

I came into MTG around SOI, and played it a fair bit. Only two people in college played.. most people were yugioh sadly. I used to do yugioh tourneys as a kid.. my first MTG tourney was neat tho. it was a more laid back format.. not standard. So i played against a guy with a legacy deck and managed to win with my modern deck lol. Thats my highlight

God Emperor Daggerfella @daggerfella commented on Magic The Gathering?
God Emperor Daggerfella @daggerfella
Apr 08, 20 at 11:42pm

Im an expert, im playing a slot below cEDH levels. Ive had to consult a lvl3 judge once before on timing and stamping. Ive been playing since Rivals of ixalan. And suffice to say im hooked!

I regularly play over skype via a webcam if anyone wants to play some Commander with me. I have decks of all levels i can use, dont be a stranger! :D

Apr 09, 20 at 10:39am

Lol, i never thought of playing over webcam.. didnt know people still used skype either. For what its worth, Forge is the best MTG sim ive played and has network capabilities. Not as fun as IRL tho.


I need to sign up for Arena.


I don't like playing with unsleeved cards. I take care of my shit.

Here's the playmat I got. XD

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