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Magic The Gathering?

Apr 09, 20 at 11:27am

I only know one person that plays with unsleeved cards and he also shuffles like hes playing actual cards by doing the riffle shuffle.. Makes me cringe every time.


I've played Magic for a while now and I've had a blast! Kinda sucks that I can't play commander in person with my friends tho

Apr 20, 20 at 7:42am

I never got into commander. Way too much work to build a deck. But ive had friends urge me to build one.. I'd probably just build an existing designed deck for that if anything. I still havent built another deck as fun as my zombie deck anyways.


Just played our first commander game over the weekend and I can definitely see it's appeal. The draw back I'm seeing though is that it's 100 card minimum with no duplicates of any card. So if you spend $$$ to get a handful of trump cards, it might be games before you see them in action, games before knowing if they are going to synergize well with what you got.

God Emperor Daggerfella @daggerfella commented on Magic The Gathering?
God Emperor Daggerfella @daggerfella
Apr 20, 20 at 11:43am

Just let anyone know I'm still able to play Magic over Skype or Facebook Messenger if anybody wants to play Commander please let me know.

It is a fun format and I love how it is 100 card Singleton that way you can't just game your deck with really good expensive cards. And you're not always going to get what you want, so it's more or less lot and dealing with what you can get.



Apr 21, 20 at 6:17am

I have a deck of vampire and human combination (i forgot what its called, twas my friend who picked em ack) and i havent played it since 3 days after i bought it, twas 2 years ago hahahahaa

Apr 21, 20 at 7:15am

I used to simulate my deck in Forge before buying cards. Useful tool to save money.


Anyone else building an Ikoria deck?


Nope I have a Jace Deck with the ultimate cuck card, The door to nothingness.

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