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Magic The Gathering?


Ya'll over here trying to get me back into the collector's addiction. But I refuse to spend anymore money on children's card games!

To think I spent a lifetime total of $3,400 on cards.

Never again...

Never again...



That's more than my car's worth ✟


Haha, well I did say lifetime total. I didn't drop 3k in a day...



I did watch a cool informative video on the cost of production for MTG cards and how they are marketed and it should come at little surprise it's all a scam.
But like Genshin Impact, if a sucker breathes there's money to be squeezed.
Good thing I'm no sucker. Yep. Never falling for that one again...

Jan 14, 22 at 7:43am

Is it really a scam if you enjoy it? I'm sure it's pennies to manufacture and its literally printing money but it's also a fun game. There's always the overhead of people sitting down to come up with the new gimmick and also wonder how they pay artist royalties


It's an expensive game, yes. and there are lots of overpriced cards. But hey,they pay experienced artists for the art before they can mass produce these cards. And good art should be paid well. Sure if Art is effortless like many assume, then I'd agree ,but really it's not, Most professionals trained for years before they became successful, Sure there are prodgies and geniuses out there, but stagnation is real, Even if you're so good 10 years ago, if you stop for a long while, you'll get rusty, even those so called gensiuses.

And the game is fun. Now if it was something like NFT art, like that stanley token and etika token, then I'd agree it's a scam.

And I have no idea what the process of making a successful card game, but I'm assuming it's not effortless either. all those game rules, mechanics, flavor texts. It's not just one man who made it but a group effort of dedicated individuals.

Besides MTG can be enjoyed on a budget. Pauper, penny dreadful, pauper commander, hell if you can find a group that plays proxies, it would still be enjoyable. Now if you're going for legacy or standard tournaments, then yeah you'll gonna need tons of cash.


Also if you're playing EDH, find a group that uses the rule 0, it's so much better.


I tested my blue deck out last night against Arc and I believe the thing I said was, "I'm essentially funneling money into something for disappointment." I want to make decks, but then get so fucking salty when they don't work as well as I had hoped.

Honestly, though it's made for team play and it did what was needed if I had another person co-oping with me.

The best deck I have made solo is my Knights deck and it has GREAT SYNERGY @ARC *cough*.

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