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Magic The Gathering?


We can get started with every single summoning mechanic first


Im kinda salty, the worst player in our play group won 2/3 games and my best deck did not go off at all. Failure to launch. Didnt get enough swords fast enough and by the time i was making plays, one of the guys had practically unlimited counterspells due to morph abilities.
Ugh lol


These days I just buy some cheap commanders that I like. I feel Adeline going to expensive in the future.


I like building timmy decks

Jan 09, 22 at 8:32pm

Dunno how im just seeing this now but the new Neon Dynasty set actually looks good.. first time since like Eldrich moon ive liked a set's art and style.


Im definitely putting these in my deck

Jan 09, 22 at 9:02pm

The full art lands are great. I'm hoping the ENG prints keep the layout using the kanji.


These are gorgeous

Jan 12, 22 at 7:01pm

Im pretty pumped for this set.. def getting a fatpack when it comes out.. considering going to the pre-release.


wow those are good. hope those are cheap in mtgo. Especially the plains, since I am a monowhite simp

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