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Magic The Gathering?

@foo_fighter Ooo I will check this out. We have been discussing playing different formats to keep it interesting. I still need to make a pauper deck. In the last month, I've made 2 blue decks and a new vampires deck with all the stuff I got out of Crimson Vow and Midnight Hunt.
I play the game on the daily on arena. Wish I had more people to play with irl.
Love the game and play it tons. Wish I could play arena though xD
There are other options, where you can play online with other people if you have a webcam and paper cards there's spelltable, they have ai that can read the art. For unofficial platforms, cockatrice is good application on windows, it's free and there are lots of players playing different formats. Untapin. Is similar but on browser and the decks are limited, but they have other card games too like pokemon, yugioh even the less popular ones like dbz card game.
a painful meme https://i.imgur.com/1Uwlc4o.jpeg
Ouch, I mean I love D&D but I'd never do this hobos selling oboes kind of stuff.
@VerucAssault... Thats a proxy. Ya can tell by the white portions in on the corners
I figured it was fake, but just the initial thought when I first saw it. LOL I can't imagine anyone who plays Magic not knowing the value of that card.
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