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Magic The Gathering?

wow standard brawl isn't so bad, I can enjoy my casual Drizzt deck and you only need 60 cards to play. Kinda sucked that they banned my girl winota in brawl
Feb 25, 22 at 8:35am
This Kamigawa set is amazing. These are cards I want from it: https://media.mtgsalvation.com/avatars/285/519/637793200942200086.png https://mtgazone.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/NEO-315-Sunblade-Samurai-Showcase.png https://media.mtgsalvation.com/avatars/285/615/637794505658120209.png https://i0.wp.com/abgeeauzno.cloudimg.io/v7/pokde.net/assets/uploads/2022/02/05-MTG_NEO-Risona-Asari-Commander.png https://cdn1.dotesports.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/31082321/NEO-Heiko-Yamazaki-the-General.jpg https://images.ctfassets.net/s5n2t79q9icq/1Trd7BVVYSLzK3HLbjnE5u/9431f6299d7a10adc5dc62fbc7b3fea6/CYTlO6xbjSTHHN_265x370_EN.png but most of all: https://static.cardkingdom.com/images/magic-the-gathering/kamigawa-neon-dynasty-variants/the-wandering-emperor-showcase-68793.jpg
Pulled this last night out of a set booster
only playing pauper right now, if Flesh and blood is good It will be my main game. I no longer enjoy mutliplayer edh as it's too long to finish.
I think I broke my habit. The last thing I did was build a couple of blue decks to get used to control tactics and I still haven't even tested them. Just been to busy to care.
I have gotten more into the Digimon Card Game than Magic Lately. Last time I played was at a prerelease my friend invited me too for my birthday.
Jun 07, 22 at 6:24am
I only play EDH
Before we stopped, we were all playing more standard and modern.
My favorite game ever tbh. All about commander for me.
Jun 18, 22 at 7:25am
most people I know seem to like commander most, but me? I still like modern the best. I can build decks with tighter themes and the matches are much shorter.
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