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Magic The Gathering?

Feb 10, 21 at 11:29pm

I picked up a few boosters recently for the first time in a while.. trying not to get sucked back into this money sink lol


got bored and moved to legends of runeterra for now/ It's free and more free to play friendly than mtg arena

Feb 14, 21 at 9:45am



@foo_fighter Apparently there is a mod for Table Top Generator on Steam. You can basically build any deck you want and import it. Our friend keeps trying to talk us into getting it so we can play MTG remotely, but have access to any card we want.

Feb 14, 21 at 10:02am

legit talk though, I spent about 1000 dollars on magic cards last year. However, the cards I own I scrummed off of ebay and got super deals on so I have about 1.2k of value in there. If this house ever catches on fire my magic cards are going to be the first personal item I go for lol


I'm so glad we don't have a kid.

Feb 14, 21 at 10:20am

Okay okay, I see her point, but I almost got all my decks padded out and perfectly balanced. I spent 200 on magic cards last month just to get every card I ever wanted across all sets. This month I only spent 70 to complete all my decks. Snow lands, man. I couldn't resist! Progress.

Feb 14, 21 at 10:21am

How can one say no to buying this?

Feb 14, 21 at 11:14am

@arc because he's just a pup? Lol he is no Alpha yet.far from it

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