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Magic The Gathering?

Dec 02, 20 at 3:30pm

Sure. I like axes and swords.

Dec 03, 20 at 6:49pm

I played a guy at a con who used that kind of bullshit deck that taps your mana so you can't even play the game. None of my decks are like that. I do have game winning combos in my decks though, all modern legal. I have two enchantments in my black deck where if they both get out safely, all I have to do is deal one point of direct damage and I win. The combo in my commander deck I found out buy accident. Its an equipment/enchantment combo that makes the creature it's attached to basically immortal.


Anyone play pauper? im thinking on investing on mtgo, do you think it's worth it?


Anyone play Yugioh?

Jan 11, 21 at 8:50am

Let's D-D-D-Duel


SAITAMA---I mean KAIBA! OPEN YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 11, 21 at 9:20am

*mind crush intensifies *


I won!

Jan 11, 21 at 12:14pm

Guess I'll be in the shadow realm then

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