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Magic The Gathering?



There's also untap.in which is browser based and free. but you need to pay if the players are above 4. I used to use that for our edh game sessions. Last time I had fun was with Winota, too bad she not good on current meta now.


Step 1: Fog Bank
Step 2: Followed Footsteps on Fog Bank
Step 3: Stall for Fog Bank Copies
Step 4: When ready, overwhelm enemy with 100+ Dragons



Shocked Followed Footsteps is not a more expensive card.

This one is from the new set and it costs more than twice as much. Although, it does only cost 1 and 1B mana, but appears they would work similarly.


Me: I can't buy cards for the next 3 months. I've spent too much.

Also me: I need to hit up the store for lands.

ALSO ME AT THE STORE: 3 boosters for $11? Okay...

But I bought more than just 3 ... *cries in addiction*

Mar 07, 21 at 6:38pm

>needing lands
how? i have an entire shoe box of only lands x3
Ill assume non-basic lands lol


Yup, basic lands. I don't know if they aren't printing as many lands now, or only focusing on special ones or foils, but yeah... They no longer offer them for free out in the open at the store we go to. You have to ask for them, they tell you to take "within reason", and then they watch you. It sucks. I've bought some on ebay just to avoid having to go to the store but it's not something I can do all the time.

Mar 08, 21 at 6:48am

Wow, crazy. I remember fatpacks used to give a fat stack of lands. Ive min max'd my deck to the point where the only thing i could do now is just replace all non-foil cards with the foil versions just for shits.. im considering it.. also i wanted to replace all basic lands with full art borderless from the unstable set.


Yeah those do look nice. The Zendikar full art ones look good too but they have the borders.

Mar 08, 21 at 6:52am

Yea I have all zendikar lands currently and a few unstable. I pulled a foil unstable land from a walmart pack and back then those things were going for like $80 a pop.. not putting that in my deck tho. ^^"


Dang. I was on the verge of buying an unstable pack yesterday but someone that plays with us said they typically aren't allowed in the type of games we play. Got Jumpstarts instead and bombed horribly. Arc got lucky though and pulled a Tinybones from a discard set.

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