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Magic The Gathering?

Mar 08, 21 at 6:12pm

Yea, per tournament rules, grey border cards are illegal but basic borderless lands are fine lol.. hell i think you can legally proxy basic lands lol


What are the best packs to buy these days in terms of cost per card. Also, ones that have a better land ratio



Regular booster packs come with 1 rare/mythic rare, 3 uncommons, 1 land card, and the rest are common cards, with a total of 16 playable cards.

The set boosters cost $1 more, gives 12 playable cards, 1 art, 1 land, 1 token, 6 connected commons and uncommons, 1 common or uncommon showcase card, 2 wildcard slots that can be anything common to mythic with the potential of being showcase versions, 1 rare/mythic, 1 guaranteed foil.

It's probably just personal preference but I think set boosters would probably be better for the money. It's less cards but the set has the potential to give you more valuable cards.

*just to note the Jumpstart packs come with 5 lands but it's for draft style playing where you put 2 packs together that gives a 40 card deck to play.


Thank you so much. I value this info

Mar 13, 21 at 9:44am

I have never been able to build a deck as fun as my zombie deck. Really makes me sad. I basically havent found a food set since eldrich moon/SOI. Wonder if a skeleton deck would be nice tho.. i think i just like my token decks.

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