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United Kingdom
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Praxis @stazmae left a comment for Danny
Feb 21, 18 at 4:19am
Hi! I noticed you attended a con, the same time I did! London anime con, 2014. alsostazissocool justwantedtosaythat
Danny @xshiroy Oh heeey. Sorry for slow reply D: I did, it was a lot fun. Maybe we walked passed each other o.o Stazisoneofthebestthereis :D
JustRiri @arianneaman25 left a comment for Danny
Feb 19, 17 at 10:46pm
Thank you for accepting, How you been? and hope to chat with you soon :D
Danny @xshiroy That's okay! I've bust very busy, but I'm doing great thank you! What about yourself? How's life? :p
Shytaku @shy_otaku left a comment for Danny
Sep 21, 16 at 4:03pm
No prob, I'll teach you! Since you're using imgur, right-click on the image and click "open the image in new tab" or "view image" (basically you want to isolate the image in its own tab so the url ends with .jpg .png. or whatever image format you use.) Copy/paste that direct image url into the forums and it should work! Feel free to edit your comment to test it out :>
Danny @xshiroy Ahaha xD cheers ! Yep it's worked! Thank you very much! :D
Apr 30, 21 at 8:04pm
I love MTG Arena, though to be fair I haven't played too much recently. I've played in person a few times but not all that much, sounds like a good thing because I'd probably fall down the rabbit hole and spends hundreds of pounds of packs XD On Arena I was one of those annoying players doe, you know the whole Goblin/ raid bombardment/ cavalcade of calamity. Rouge mill, scute swarm or like a Shrine deck haha xD. Did love a Yorion deck too.
Defo have to agree with Deathgodzero. Chain memories was pretty not good. Luckly I think it was just them experimenting for KH haha.
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