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Name the most frustrating game you ever played

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If you look up frustrating games in the dictionary, you eventualy come across this one which has caused me a lot of grief in my early childhood.

At least Dark Souls had fair hit detection.

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The original The Bard's Tale game for Commodore 64. It was a fun 3d dungeon crawler, BUT there was NO auto-mapping feature, NO location info, and to effectively find your way around you had to use graph paper to draw a map. This was made more challenging by the fact that some maps could warp around so if you walked off one end of it, you would appear on the other side. But you didn't know how many squares in size the dungeon was so you had no idea if/when this was happening and just had to figure it out if you noticed the map seemed to be repeating. On top of that some dungeons had teleporters that would send you to another part of the map which completely throws off your mapmaking since you didn't know where you were anymore.

You also had to make an occasional disk swap as was typical for big RPGs back in that era plus it used turn-based combat, which was slow but not totally horrible UNTIL you reached this place where there was a battle with 4x groups of 99 Barbarians each. And every one of them scrolled up multiple lines of text when they attacked or were attacked. Lemme tell ya.... just the first round of that battle alone took about 20 mins. Thankfully they weren't individually too tough so mass damage spells were pretty effective and the next round took about 5 mins and by round 3 you pretty much had them defeated. Unless you got unlucky and they killed you. Then have fun reaching and redoing the entire battle over again. But for all of its mapmaking frustration, time wasted when you died, and other crap, it was still good times back then and when you beat the game, damn it felt good!

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Police Stories is a new one I've been playing. It's extremely frustrating. I'm also probably just an idiot, so there's that. But also, it's one of those games where everything can go so well during a mission, then you open a door and your dumbass AI teammate will get blasted by some bandana wearing psychopath, drug smuggler from the piano room, when you're at the complete other end of the hall. Or one of the hostages you have to rescue runs right into a room with three dudes and gets blasted.

Actually, a pretty good game, and I still have fun with it, but it's that kind of fun where you're like.... God I hate this game, but I also don't and I can't just leave this mission as a failure. You think 'Oh, I'll get it next time' and by the time next time comes around, it's midnight and you've died ten more times, your partner got shot fifteen times, and a hostage died in your care at least twenty times.

So, yeah. That's my review for Police Stories on Steam. It's pretty good and it will also make you want to put a fist through your monitor. I'll give it like a 3.6 out of 5.


Probably any competitive shooter or rocket league with it's what a save bullshit

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