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Name the most frustrating game you ever played


Anubis II
I picked up at a walmart in san diego in that 2006 winter to play in my brand new wii
Then I passed the tutorial but I couldnt pass level I, srly I COULD NOT JUMP IN THAT PALTFORM SECTION
Then I tried at 13, same result, 16 same result
So i googled 3 months ago and found out its ONE OF THE WORST FUCKING GAMES IN ALL HISTORY and it selled like (according to a yt video) 30 copies
So yeah, thats the game


Wouldn't count it as the entire game but I think doing 100% run on Dante's Inferno was pretty hellish back when I did that.


Risk, but only with good, cut throat players.

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Pokémon Vega, it was the most frustrating Pokémon rom hack I've ever played, the difficulty curve was ridiculous and the puzzles were bullshit, thankfully an easier version that tones down the difficulty and removes some of the puzzles was released though


Resident Evil 5 single player. (CPU Controlled Sheva)


idk if i already replied and im too lazy to look, but

the angriest iv gotten has to be battlegrounds in wow (unless i played healer, because even if i got trained people would protect me)

like, iv gotten hitting desk rage quit angry

its not like pvp bothers me, i enjoyed tf2 and that game with the weird lookin characters (like the fat lady in the yellow shirt) and didnt care when i died, it was fun to nuke people and take them with me, but something about wow pvp just makes me furious


Don't know if anyone has played hollow knight. The last ultra boss rush is literally 45 mins of pain. If anyone's ever beaten pantheon of hollownest.. you are a god

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If there is one game that made me want to rip out my hair it was this game. Imagine pinball but you have to manage an army with a mic. Sounds fair so far right? Imagine that with a morale mechanic that effected by food , troop loss and other things. Oh and Imagine having to worry about a time limit and an enemy army that if they get one person into your base you lose. Didn't even get past the second level. This game is straight hell to play.

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