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Name the most frustrating game you ever played

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Kingdom Hearts 1 legitimately pissed me off to the point of where I just said fuck it and watched the rest of the cutscenes to get the story


Demon's Souls remake on PS5, and it hasn't even been delivered yet.

Also, any rogue-like. I'm still bitter about Dead Cells, and that was well over a year ago...


Jump Force online ranked.

Teams with CAC, Toguro, and Rio.

This account has been suspended.

Fallout New Vegas...

Before you get your pitchforks, it's not the game itself I find frustrating, but modding the fuck out of it with mods that are a decade old and trying to get them to work... well... I've torn my hair out trying to get it all to work after hours of trouble-shooting.


Got around 20 hours into Demon's Souls on PS5 and I finally understand how to play these Souls games. Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, and Sekiro all drove me into a storm of rage, resulting in dropping them. Playing Demon's Souls has finally made me realize you can't just rush in like every other action game like Devil May Cry, you gotta be patient and play footsies.

I do cheat tho by looking up videos on how to beat a boss when I get to one xD

For example, this dude literally intimidated me when I entered the room, to the extent I was already thinking about what the path was to get back there after dying before I even engaged it. Decided to be a coward and look it up on youtube, which showed one trick that made me think "no way it's that simple." But... it's that simple! Beat him on my first try. Thank you Youtube.


Out of all the souls games, bloodborne was the most fun. The dark souls games i would grind as much as possible if i couldnt beat a boss and just basically tank their hits and dish out damage. Dark knight sword from DS1 was my go to weapon.


If you want a really good but incredibly frustrating and difficult game that's also retro, go check out Alien Soldier for the Sega Genesis. Every nerd ever is like "dooiiii Battletoads is the hardest retro game ever" but honestly fuck you this game is so intense that you're almost guaranteed to die within the first minute or so guaranteed. The gameplay is actually impressively deep for an older video game as you can do some pretty nuts things and I guess if I was able to compare it to anything it's almost like boss rush Dark Souls in terms of how difficult and bullshit it is mixed with Gunstar Heroes (which this game was made by the same company and it even has cameo bosses in there)

The game itself though is like absolutely impossible. I really love the game but I've not been able to survive for more than like four minutes and it's crazy to me that people have actually managed to beat the game

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