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Name the most frustrating game you ever played


castlevania 3, ghosts and goblins, battle toads, zelda 2


*looks back at the thread title*

I don't doubt Battletoads is a harder game, after all, it's a NES game... games in general were a lot harder than games today. Ninja Gaiden, Ghouls and Ghost... or Ghosts and Goblins... whichever it was xD

But this thread isn't asking what the hardest game is... it's asking what the most frustrating games are. Like, Overwatch is not a hard game, at all... but it's frustrating af cuz of your teammates apparent endless confusion of what their role is based on the character they picked. Dead Cells isn't the hardest game, but, as I mentioned, it's frustrating to start back at the beginning of the first level every time you die.


Could be worse i heard there is one game where if you die you start all the way bacl at the beginning of the game

Any game can be frustrating though if that were the case. Like doing challenges such as 0 hits or collecting every item within a certain time limit or you have to start over


Yeah I think that was blood borne highest difficulty level. I stayed away from that shit. Lmao


to be fair most people are just trash at overwatch but blame their teammates as a scapegoat instead of actually improving


the Surge was pretty hard


Omg imagine bloodborne where you restart everytime. I would never be able to beat it. I died so much to bloodstaved beast and i never beat amygdala in nightmare frontier.


@toritori imma tell you this like i told someone in the overwatch boards. Teammates DO matter, i bounce back and forth from silver to gold. Not because i am too trash for gold but not trash enough for silver. Its because the trash players go on a losing streak out of gold which i get caught in and fall back to silver where im too good to be in so i climb back up and just get caught again. Im almost 50% of the game on fire, i get minutes worth of objective time. It just happens


League of legends was frustrating too because of MMR and balancing. I would go on a 20 game win streak and MMR kicks in so i get matched vs gold as a bronze when my entire team plays at bronze level


This god was it strict on ya.

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