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SCP Containment Breach

Apr 10, 16 at 5:06am
This account has been suspended.
Apr 10, 16 at 6:33am
This account has been suspended.

@Arc is now going through all the SCPs with me. I don't remember how far I made it. It's hard to not skip around since so much testing and research is done between 2 or more SCPs... you know.. for SCIENCE.
Over the weekend we looked at SCP 042 (mentioned it earlier in the thread back in 2016), still fucking tragic and sad.

Jan 20, 21 at 11:31pm

I've been watching a couple of SCP readings nightly to help lull me to sleep. I think I'm up to SCP 64 now. This one was pretty disturbing though:



Description: SCP-089 is a glazed earthenware statue, approximately 3 meters in height, depicting a winged, bull-headed humanoid with an open mouth. The front of the statue’s torso is hinged and can be opened from the top to reveal a cavity, approximately 0.6 cubic meters in volume, and can be locked from the outside. The rear of the statue bears an inscription in a Canaanite language (possibly Punic).1 The statue dates from approximately the 2nd century BCE.

On infrequent occasions (sometimes separated by periods in excess of a century), the statue speaks. The mechanism by which these sounds are made is not understood, and the mouth of the statue does not move. The statue’s locutions are in a Canaanite language (probably the same language as the inscription) and consist of:

the name, or a description, of SCP-089-A;
a demand for Protocol M8 to be accomplished, together with instructions for doing so; and
a description of the attendant Type-S Event, in figurative language

For each locution event, SCP-089-A is a healthy, unblemished human infant or child between eight months and six years of age, and SCP-089-B is that child’s natural mother. In all documented cases, at the time of the locution event SCP-089-A and -B are each alive and healthy, and experience a strong bond of trust and affection with each other.

Following SCP-089-B’s placement of SCP-089-A in the cavity and the ignition of the inflammable materials, SCP-089-A will burn and be destroyed over a period of two to five hours.

Protocol M8:
The successful execution of Protocol M8 requires the voluntary compliance of SCP-089-B in a sober and uncoerced state. Likewise, SCP-089-A must be conscious and alert during the execution of the protocol. It is recommended that SCP-089-B be restrained (although not sedated) following ignition so as to avoid interference with the completion of the protocol, as the process is extremely painful and fatal to SCP-089-A.

If SCP-089-B refuses to voluntarily execute Protocol M8 in accordance with the aforementioned specifications, MTF Mu-89 is to explain the prospective consequences of failing to successfully complete the protocol and make every effort to persuade SCP-089-B to cooperate. If MTF Mu-89’s best efforts to so persuade SCP-089-B are unsuccessful, SCP-089 is to be redesignated as Keter-class and Protocol M9 is to be executed (reference Document 089-M9). The use of intimidation, threats or mind-altering drugs or intoxicants in an effort to affect SCP-089-B's free will, and any attempt to complete Protocol M8 without SCP-089-B's participation or voluntary cooperation, or otherwise other than as described, are strictly prohibited since these measures invalidate the attempted completion of the protocol and are known to intensify the severity of the attendant Type-S Event.

It is also recommended (although not a required part of Protocol M8) to cause the execution of step 2 of Protocol M8 to be accompanied by the sounding of horns and percussion instruments, as doing so may mask the sounds made by SCP-089-A during the execution of the protocol.

Upon a successful execution of Protocol M8, the related Type-S Event generally begins to abate within 7 hours.

Addendum #2:
A partial list of documented Type-S Events that were terminated by means of Protocol M8 (inclusive of documented completions of Protocol M8 that pre-date the Foundation’s acquisition of custody of SCP-089) follows:

Date of locution: March 21, 1788
Description of Type-S Event in Locution Event: “The flames shall consume their houses, yea, and their markets, and their temples, and all of their dwelling places, they shall be destroyed.”
Type-S Event: Fire in city of ███ ███████
Outcome: Protocol M8 completed on day 29 after locution event. 66% of city's buildings destroyed.

Date of locution: December 2, 1850
Description of Type-S Event in Locution Event: “The false prophet shall gather the multitude unto him, and cast them against the princes. They shall each of them be slain and their fields made barren.”
Type-S Event: Large-scale messianic-based peasant uprising in █████
Outcome: Protocol M8 completed on day 1,363 after locution event. Massacres associated with uprising and its suppression, and attendant agricultural collapse, account for at least ██ million casualties.

Date of locution: November 23, 1951
Description of Type-S Event in Locution Event: “The earth shall tremble and the seas shall rise and be cast against the earth, and the mountain shall vomit fire, its voice shall be darkness and death.”
Type-S Event: Earthquake and volcanic eruption in ████ █████.
Outcome: Protocol M8 executed within 31 hours of locution event. No tsunami resulted although geological models had anticipated that one would occur from a seismic event in that area. No fatalities.

Date of locution: November 7, 1970
Description of Type-S Event in Locution Event: “The rains shall scour the earth, and sweep away man, and his beasts, and all his works, the deluge shall take them all.”
Type-S Event: Cyclone in ██████████.
Outcome: Protocol M8 executed on day 49 after locution event. Casualties from flooding, disease and starvation estimated at ███ thousand.

Date of locution: April 4, 20██
Description of Type-S Event in Locution Event: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Outcome: Ongoing. Protocol M8 not yet executed.

Feb 18, 21 at 9:27pm

Have not played. Seen a lot of the lore on youtube. Very interesting.



Arc has played it, I've only watched. Used to watch Markiplier do a lot of play-throughs with it. But I got more into the lore than anything.

It's incredible stuff. You'll find good ones that were possibly inspired by Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin like above, or you'll find some that are biblical references. It's deep heavy stuff and the games do not do the lore justice.


SCP 100 - 2B

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