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SCP Containment Breach


Have you played it? How into the lore did you get? What is your favorite SCP-###?

I've decided to read all the intel on the SCP-###s.

I skipped around at first and after reading about a dozen decided to just start at SCP-001 and go from there. Sometimes the intel itself will branch out and reference other SCP-###s so this could take a while, but I'm determined.


I played it once I never met any other SCP's other than stuffed peanut gingerbreadman though I know there is more, I watched playthroughs.

However there I really enjoyed the lore, I used to listen SCPreadings by GemoDawn. I recommend checking her out if you haven't already its pretty good.


I used the read the site but there are a lot of terrible ones now lol. My favorite SCP would be SCP-035, I dunno why perhaps I'm endeared by it's chaotic neutral nature.



I glanced over it just quickly to see what it was and how it works. I'll be more thorough when I actually make it to that number. There's so many that could be SCP-001 it's taking a while to get through them. Right now I'm reading about Code name: Bright which is about "The Factory".

"Every researcher who's been around for a while looks into it. Most are satisfied when they uncover the angel with the flaming sword, ... But then you started looking into The Factory, and that is when I knew you wouldn't stop. ... You researchers are far too curious. I'm not sure which scares me worse. That we'll never understand the Factory… or that we one day will. Ah well, I'm sure you're eager to learn more."


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd I have finished reading all the files associated to SCP-001.

Here's a link.

I have decided to rank them because I thought they were really interesting. Geez I don't know how people have the time to come up with some of this stuff, and still have hundreds to go through.


The best files
CODE NAME: Dr. Clef - The Gate Guardian

CODE NAME: Djoric/Dmatix - Thirty-Six

CODE NAME: Roget - Keter Duty

Really great reads
CODE NAME: djkaktus - The Children

CODE NAME: Jonathan Ball - Sheaf of Papers

CODE NAME: Bright - The Factory

CODE NAME: Kate McTiriss - A Record

Interesting but not great
CODE NAME: Dr. Mackenzie - The Legacy

CODE NAME: S. Andrew Swann - The Database

CODE NAME: Scantron - The Foundation

CODE NAME: qntm - The Lock

CODE NAME: Dr. Mann - The Spiral Path

CODE NAME: Dr. Gears - The Prototype


Oh yeah I remember reading some of these a few years ago. I'll probably get back into it now thanks to this thread. I'll have more to add when I re-read them.

Haha wild imagination I suppose, you know you could try writing one and share it in the thread if that sounds fun for you. I find always myself making up SCP concept in my head after reading.


If you get in too deep going back in, read this to take a break. I couldn't breathe. I <3 Dr. Bright.


Hahaha, Oh Dr. Bright.



I think a part of me died reading this.


As shite as free indie horror games tend to be, SCP Containment Breach is easily one of the best by far. And I reckon the procedural generation aspects and multiple endings and SCP encounters makes it very replayable even if the game is outright bullshit at times, especially when Radical Larry shows up then it's goodnight sweet prince, or princess if you will. Although I think a lot of the SCPs are really interesting and are perfect for a horror game - I can never remember them by their numbers though.


The game is pretty cool being that it's free but the game doesn't do the lore justice.

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