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SCP Containment Breach


SCP-097 - Old Fairgrounds and Event Log SCP-097 make me happy. This should have been the story to Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. haha

Mar 12, 16 at 9:58am

I LOve SCP i've been reading them all one by one on their wiki !
My favorite so far is SCP-93 and it's 'test', so very interesting ! I really like the old fair grounds too(~ ̄▽ ̄)~


i have been playing that game forever "Radical Larry" scares the crap out of me no one i talk to know what the game is i thought i was the only one!!


LOL.... Radical Larry. I've been watching the Marikiplier play throughs with Arc. They're hilarious. He screams and jumps so easily. The game though... the lore is so much better than the game. I wish it would be picked up by a bigger game company and they just go crazy with as many SCPs as they could fit into a game. I would love to see what a company like Bethesda could do with it.


It's fun to read about. It reminds me of a short lived series that was on several years back called "The Lost Room" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lost_Room

Apr 10, 16 at 3:49am
This account has been suspended.

If I'm reading this correctly, the lore actually came before the game.
By a community of writers. I think the game just got more popular because people like Markiplier and Pewdiepie started playing it.


Here's another link to a youtube channel they give in their FAQs section. It is described by the community as being "awesome".



Maybe some of it is actually real and it leaked so they played it off as fiction to hide the truth...


Ah I actually heard this reading from Volgun several weeks back. It's SCP-001 #5... It's just over 20 minutes long but can listen to it while you do other things. It is one of the best SCP readings I've came across on Youtube so I agree with them on the "awesome".

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