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Which type of gamer are you most like?

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Way to tip the scales :)


I'm about 1/3 Killer, Achiever and Socialite but I vary dramatically by game.

Jan 27, 16 at 7:33pm

80% Killer
10% Explorer
10% Achiever
0% Socialite

Fighting games. Maybe some shooters.


10% Socialite, 30% each for the other 3.
Honestly, I love Eos of Soul, Summoners War, Sword of Chaos, and most MMO/RPG games. Fire Emblem is my figurative waifu


Damn, Now I really want to play Fire Emblem

Jan 27, 16 at 10:10pm

45% achiever
30% killer
22% explorer
3% socialite

Jan 27, 16 at 10:14pm

50% Achiever
50% Explorer

I really have minimal desire for competitive gaming or making a huge social aspect of it. I like co-op and what not, but it's not the only reason I like to play.


90% Achiever
10% Explorer

Platformer, adventure, racing, and some puzzle games.


60% Explorer
20% Socialite
15% Killer
5% Achiever

Killer is near socialite mostly because I've always preferred sledgehammer subtlety when it comes to how I play games. Like in the Wolfenstein games, if I had the choice between brute force or stealth, I'd go brute force almost every time. That might also be why I think Rising is the best Metal Gear game because it's action is so wild and frantic - plus Stealth isn't something that I'm really interested in. Explorer is at the top simply because whenever it comes to games, I love to explore environments and discover new things or design my levels and other user-generated content for games - hell I still play the TimeSplitters games to this day because the mapmaker is such a timeless and giving me the option to produce limitless amounts of content for myself and others is a huge selling point to me.

Feb 05, 16 at 7:32pm

Well I'm a tad different

Killer/Support 50%
Achiever 20%
Socialite 20%
Explorer 10%

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