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Which type of gamer are you most like?

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10% killer
10% Achiever
0% Socialite
80% Explorer

I hate talking to people while I game. Online players are annoying(for the most part). I usually have more enjoyment playing singer player games or games with family/friends irl


45% explorer
35% Socialite
10% killer
10% achiever

BubbleSparkle commented on Which type of gamer are you most like?
Feb 23, 16 at 2:13am

60% Killer *mostly zombies or crazy mental out of control people*
70% Achiever *I love it when I have goals to achieve*
100% Explorer.*Just getting used to the world on in and the beauty of it*
20% * yeah socializing is nice but the game play is to play the game* xD


15 % killer
40 % achiever
35 % Explorer
10 % socialist

Emperor Nihilus commented on Which type of gamer are you most like?
Emperor Nihilus
Feb 23, 16 at 5:21pm
This account has been suspended.
traumaticsherry commented on Which type of gamer are you most like?
Feb 24, 16 at 12:01pm

Anything but Killer I suppose. I mean I play games more for the experience for myself than anything. Any other reason is a side thing. I guess if I HAD to chose I'd say it's 50% Explorer and 50% achiever.


30% Explorer
50% Acheiver
15% Killer
5% Socialite

I play Single Player games almost all the time. Racing Games, JRPG Games, Visual Novel, Action RPG Games, Puzzle Games, Platformer Games, Arcade Games, Survival Games.
I Enjoy games that Makes me Last longer to play rather than finish Completing it.
But At a Small chance I Would play Multiplayer.


im not of these but if i had to i guess socialite cause on league i like to play with friends?
i'm mostly just a support character xD so no killing for me unless im on BnS


50% Socialite, 30% Explorer, 20% Achiever

Feb 29, 16 at 11:55pm

what category would waifu-hunter fall under

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