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What game are you currently playing?

I've been playing again for like the last week, doing the casino exploit making mills and heisting. But I did get blown the fuck up in a clothing store yesterday. Had me the maddest ive been in GTA lol. Yes I'm petty and started a WAR
@hell_hound7 I'm sure you've got a handle of the mechanics and structure of Returnal by now, but the thing I'd say as a heads up is to not get too stuck to one weapon and traits from the early levels. There are some new weapons that will start popping up after the 2nd world. One of them, the Rotland Bomber or something like that, is considered one of the best weapons for the 2nd half of the game with the right traits. The Spitmaw is one of the best weapons early game, but is universally categorized as lower tier over all because it's short range makes it almost useless in the 2nd half of the game, especially late game, when enemies and bosses start to get nuts. You simply don't wanna be be in short range of them. Starting with the 3rd world, there are a lot more flying enemies, and I'm sure you know why a shotgun type weapon isn't good for them. I used the Tachymon Carbine for most of the game cuz of the high rate of fire and large clips, and it's still one of the better weapons in the 2nd half of the game when you get traits like armor piercing. But the gun I think is the best, and the one I ultimately stuck with, is the Electropylon Driver. It's kinda weird to use at first, and it doesn't seem like the weirdness is worth the tradeoff of a more conventional weapon, but at higher levels with a couple nice traits slapped on, and it absolutely shreds enemies and bosses. It's great on single enemies cuz the spikes stick in enemies and continue damaging them as well, and it's great for crowd control. It even helps defensively since the webbing fucks up enemies while you get back more distance or work on maneuvering.
@bob_loblaw well only one spitmaw variation i use and thats slug shot because its basically a sniper rifle and since it uses the shot gun's stun mechanic it kinda op. I have used the little three round burst rocket launcher when i invaded someone's world. I just beat the 2nd boss after trying so many times. I decided to run it solo this time because i feel doing co-op kknda screws me over on loot. I basically had astronaut figure, double integrity, damage leeching item, 2 shield vials. I was tanky af. The robot world seems easy af from the first time i played but that boss idk if i played against him yet. Edit: nvm he was easy af, first attempt https://youtu.be/_E3UhGCeVuE
Mar 09, 23 at 11:56pm
Having a blast playing Octopath Traveler II. If you ever played the first one, the second game is a great improvement, imo. Definitely a must play if you like JRPGs.
Playing xcom 2 legendary difficulty and get down to the last alien no damage and the fucking game crashes just as i stare the fucker in the face with 100% accuracy.
Bro xcom 2 soldiers shoot like stormtroopers it could be 89% accuracy and you'll miss 9 times out of 10
Rocking some Destiny with the clan, their coming back and need help with catching up.
Terraria legendary seed, and "Get Fixed Boy" is wrong because I'm losing my grasp on reality because of this.
I got a bunker and nightclub. Gonna buy an arcade to do the diamond heist. Message me if you wanna add me in GTA online.
@secretagentboi my guy, i had a soldier with the barrel practically pressed against an advent's back like a big booba anime girl while he was on overwatch and he still missed. You can hear me yelling "if you didnt miss your shot you would have been alive rn but no the stun lancer got you when he is only 2 health." Also legendary difficulty is annoying at least in commando i can end a mission without any injuries but legendary its like almost guaranteed i walk away with someone wounded for like 30 days.
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