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What game are you currently playing?

Currently playing Sons of the forest, Neptunia: Sisters VS. Sisters, and Hush Hush: Only your love can save them.
Hogwarts Legacy... It's one of the best games I've played in the last year! One of the best looking games too. I'm playing it on my PS5 and the ray tracing mode is shit, but the Balanced mode is fantastic if you have a TV that's 120hz with VRR because you can turn off the fps cap and get around 50fps while staying in the 1440p range without the graphical sacrifices of the standard 60fps Performance mode. From my game, but I'm way past this point. My wiz is pimped out now. https://i.imgur.com/L3svp8s.jpg Using all magic for battles is fun, and while shooting spells from a magic wand is much more satisfying than I figured it would be, I do miss melee action with a sword. My biggest issue with the game is you get like 3x more magic spells and abilities than you are able to equip, so you constantly have to open the menu to swap out spells depending on what you need to do. Like bruh, lemme just hold down L1 and bring up a quick select rotary menu.
The game's combat system is the main reason I'm not gonna bother trying it. Looks incredibly one button click
https://media.tenor.com/bwHvbbTCKT4AAAAd/captain-tsubasa-rise-of-new-champions.gif yes, I play sports games! Currently going through all my ps4 games playing Tsubasa rise of champions. I love that I get to play a custom made character
Omg I love it even though it was not very hard the story was good
I gave Cyberpunk 2077 a chance and I'm enjoying it. Also Dirt 2.0 from time to time so I don't lose practice.
Atomic Heart was such a let down, currently playing bowsers inside story on my phone via emulator.
was playing the new resident evil 4 earlier taking a small break from it but i am enjoying it so far
Playing Terraria with JoJo mod. Used my arrow shard and got Hermit Purple. It's like a flail weapon and since I can toggle stand on or off, whenever I turn stand on, I hear Old Joseph shout "Hermit Purple!". Truly amazing so far
Ok update on Hogwarts Legacy now that I finished it... I'd only recommend it to diehard Harry Potter fans. It's still good overall, but there's a huge disparity between the first 10-15 hours, and after like 20 hours. You realize how repetitive and meaningless everything is. The graphics and atmosphere of the Hogswart castle and neighboring town of Hogsmeade absolutely grab you by the balls and lead you to think you're playing the greatest game of the last year............. but........ then....... 15 hours later, you realize how meaningless all the loot is, how meaningless all the gear is, how meaningless all the abilities are, and how meaningless the world is. All the loot you run into in the first 5 hours of the game is the EXACT SAME LOOT you still get 25 hours later. Nothing changes. The gear are just re-skins with slightly different stats... there isn't even any unique gear with unique properties. All the sidequests are markers on the map result in you getting... more of the same loot, or re-skins. All the loot you get for crafting (literally like 7 things total) are used to craft health/defense/buff potions, and again, they're the EXACT same for the ENTIRE game. Nothing new gets added. And not only can crafting ONLY be done from ONLY your room in the castle (low on potions while exploring? lol go back to the castle) they ALL are on a timer! Health potions take 15 seconds... buff potions take 60 seconds, etc.. And what do you get to do while the timer is ticking down? Fucking nothing except wait. Aside from the main castle and town, everything else on the entire map is just forest. Beautiful forest, but just the same forest. The only locations that aren't basically copy/pasted forest are caverns or labyrinths, and they ALL have a loading screen, so they don't even feel attached to the main map. And they ALL look the exact same! As for enemies, there's literally only like 5 different enemies in the entire game xD Every enemy has a million hit points and battles are just a dragged out grind, over and over. There's so many things I'd complain about, and they all only come up after playing for a while. The first half of the game is an easy 9/10 for me. The second half is a 6/10. Oh and the story sucks.
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