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Ban reasons.

I say there should be a mod forum where only mods can post with reasons why people get banned without normal users replying making a scene or instigating.
Mar 03, 21 at 10:33pm
I really hope this is the last we see of that guy. I came here to talk with people, not sift through 10 pages of him saying stupid shit for hours.
Mar 03, 21 at 10:36pm
Hopefully he doesn't return. But based on the trend he'll come back after a while. -_-#
Mar 03, 21 at 11:17pm
He will come back. He always makes a new account once he gets banned. I suppose he has had more than 20 accounts here. He won't back any more unless this website doesn't exist any more.
Mar 07, 21 at 12:57am
This account has been suspended.
Mar 07, 21 at 1:36am
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