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What do you find attractive?

Ok... Sooo... I literally ALWAYS got numbers, but like maybe met with oh something around 15-20%. Now, that's not counting those who flaked or last minute dodged this bullet.lol How's that? Whatchu do is you never drag out conversation for more than a week and spam spam spaaaaam.lol Oh and maybe have a sense of humor and never take shit to serious, especially data concerning this tripe.
Got it! Now what artifact do I need to equip to up my crit rate for higher dps numbers? I'm trying not to roll flat def if I can help it, but my love life is like a gatcha game, the odds of success are less than 1%.
Peen pics, gotta put your points into that. Guaranteed to work. I mean, I did have at least one ask about size as an opener, so it's gotta work.lol
@yaasshat Sounds too situational to use that.
Ya know what's situational? EVERYTHING. Sage advice, folks. Sage advice. And to think, I'm just giving it away.
i like taller than me & lean i guess
@yaasshat You should write a book about it and use the money to start your own dating service, heh! Think of the moolah your sage wisdom could earn ya!
I mean, with all of the foolishness out there, probably.lol
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