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What do you find attractive?

Let's talk about appearances, not that they truly are the most important thing because you age and you grow old, the youthfulness will not last forever but just talking about appearances in general. What do you find attractive in an appearance? Their smile? Their boobs..? Their physique? Or maybe the energy they carry upon themselves that they seem so loving and nice? Share here I'm a little interested in what people think. Personally I seem to be attracted to really thin guys that maybe look too young for their age. Short guys are really cute too! ♥
I'm very VERY flexible on appearances. I have aesthetics I like of course, who doesn't, but they are not required at all. I like redheads with freckles and pastel goths in general, but there is one silly thing that has always gotten me. It is some kind of facial feature I can't describe that just does it for me. I've only met like 2 girls in real life that do it, but there is a famous example of it. The way Billie Piper holds her mouth, that partially open pouty look. I've always found it super fucking attractive and I haven't the slightest idea why. Aside from that, I'm a sucker for pretty eyes, all colors can be pretty, and thighs... because I have to have SOMETHING sexual here right?
Hmm yeah it is a faical condition I remember someone who had it in my life. They had a resting bitch face because of it and people treated her bad so she slowly took up that position but she was actually really kind inside just molded to what people thought of her when they saw her. " A bitch. "
It isn't really the Resting bitch face thing that does it... I have no idea how to put it into words. I've never found a name or good explanation of it. If I had permission I'd post some other examples from girls I know irl, but I don't want to spread their images without their knowledge.
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Confidence, intelligence, hygiene, honesty, curves, eye contact, respect, kindness, and bravery, plus loyalty. Seriously I find people more appealing if they're like this because nowadays it seems like some women and I'm not saying all women are more not using their brains and think that men would just hop on absolutely anything that moves that has a label of being a woman. If a woman does not have the skill to take care of herself or even the mental fortitude to take care of herself that I'm definitely not going to want to be with them. even if she had an amazing body it still wouldn't change the fact that it would look completely not in my comfort zone. A good woman should have a nice smile along with a nice body even if she skinny or even if she is large she should be able to take care of herself nevertheless. I don't discriminate and I hope that she does not either.
I mainly look for sanity at this point. A woman who is balanced enough to have a solid conversation with without it devolving into chaotic emotions without rhyme or reason. Someone that is willing to be an equal partner in a committed relationship. Communication is key. I have already been put through several dates with, "Oh I didn't tell you about the guy I am living with...oopsie!"
I know I prefer cuteness over sexyness, but it's hard to pinpoint something specific when I try to think about it. I think being passionate about something is attractive too. Working hard to reach a goal, improving skills in a hobby, things like that. It's something that I can admire, and attracts me.
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I usually like tall women who are kinda boney. Somewhat serious also. I like it if they have a strong spirit. Physical strength is good too. Good thinker aswell.
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