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What do you find attractive?


Alright. That's about 20 years roughly. So subtract 75 from 20 and that makes him 55. She would have been around mid 20's herself.


Damn she liked them old or she wanted that cash lol jk


If only it was age that was the real issue... Meh... What the fuck do I know? Ain't talking about what you and snake are, by the way.



Could be a lot of things. My mother specifically told me she hooked up with my dad because she did like older men. He was minding his own business and she started the conversation about dating. So it is not unlikely.

I figure this had specifically to do with another user on here. I have no clue on those parts. I responded because I noticed the conversation kept mixing adult relationships with a parallel to minors. So that was my involvement on this discussion.


The most disturbing thing is bliss sees absolutely nothing wrong with 13 year olds and justifies it as something he has no control over. This is the type of person that's so out of touch with reality that when they're getting ready to leave their house, they would kiss their waifu figures and say "goodbye" to them.

This is in the same neighborhood of being completely out of touch with reality as the dudes that slap their balls around to loli porn then are like "This doesn't mean I like underage girls cuz they're not real"


Cringe all you want, but preaching your limited and naive interpretation of "reality" here will only waste your time. If I wanted to then I could nitpick and dig out something "disturbing" about you as well, because the fact is that EVERYONE has something "odd" about them. But that is not how I roll. I do not take pleasure from shaming people. That's just low.
And why the hell do some dudes have to automatically make the blanket statement that all hentai art is done specifically in loli form? It's a fact that all fictional characters get portrayed at all kinds of ages because that's the whole beauty and purpose of fanart. SMH.


I now regret opening my mouth (0_0)


If it's made to look like a child AND it's sexualized... You can't argue in favor, unless you're a complete idiot. No one says all hentai is Loli. All Loli is Loli, ya ding dong and calling it art does not take away from what it is. To be honest, I wouldn't let someone like you near my kid with a 100ft pole. You just called the sexual portrayal of children(All ages, you said. That INCLUDES KIDS in that context.) "beauty" and "fan art". You've gotta be stupid, that or you think everyone else is.

You're no longer just cringy, you're a huge creep.


Its one thing to be a lolicon, its another to actually be a pedo. Ngl the whole loli-age talk is kinda tit for tat. But homie straight up said he befriended people age 13 and pointed out they are turning 18 soon. Thats sort of called grooming. Even if they are legal age you we still engaged with them while they were younger. I think you should stop talking about this, and stop talking to them. You are gonna land in jail.

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