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What do you find attractive?


I am curious how a grown man befriends a child? I guess if the child is family or maybe even friends of family. However, the distinction isn't made, it's just a "big deal" to a late twenty-thirty year old man having a child as a friend. Making friends with kids isn't the issue even then, it's the whole context of the entire conversation tied in with that which makes it all sound absolutely disgusting.


@blissfullforce1818 you dug yourself this hole not me Onision 2.0


Another crazy day in weabuu land


Someone who isn't afraid to go after who they want.


Ever heard of social networking sites and groups revolving around certain fandoms and/or certain interests? People go there and mingle. And by the time they finally discover each other's ages then it is already too late to burn the bridge because the foundation is too solid and lots of effort went into building it.
And for the record, 1 of the 2 such friends who I mentioned is actually a male with an acquired taste for hacking "Boomer FPS games", rather than a female cosplayer.
I have no regrets and I do nothing wrong. Catfishers and doxxers have tried to stop me before and it was all for shizzle.
I'm in touch with reality enough to know that any and all kids evetually become adults and at least half of those adults get to retain their hobbies and lifestyles throughout their adult years.
Cry me a river, but I'm undeterred.
And when I was saying "fanart can portray characters at any age" I was obviously referring to the idea that a character who was shown as a teenager in canon media can be portrayed as an adult in non-canon media. I thought that would be obvious to deduce, but apparently some brains are even more primitive than I gave them credit for.


You are really butt hurt for someone who is justifying their "art" and "beauty". Just wondering do you argue with the soccer mom's at the playground when you refer to their children as "art"? xD
And what you referred to last post is called grooming btw


Looks like somebody can't read. Where the hell did I say anything about playgrounds or facetime? Imagination suddenly overacting? Delusions at full throttle.


@blissfullforce you can't take a joke, huh dumbass? No one mentioned a playground, and I mentioned it because it's a punch line of a joke. Holding back rn because I'm trying to be a good boi on here but I suggest you step down.

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