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What personality type are you?

I can pretend to be ENTJ but my projects are more important than normie activities. I mainly only get out to clear my mind.
...cool. So anyway yeah I hope to find some more ENTJs here in the future!
It has been a while since I did this thread that I can't even remember what I was considered.
I decided to take it again and this is my result. Most of the bars are a tug a war between the two personalities except for the first and last one.
@burninghalo You wont, have fun being the only one. @kameiya Yea these tests tend to be more of a baseline but idk.. I havent felt you out enough to know what you might be. I suppose INFP makes sense. Teacup is the expert here on this tho x3
I've been seeing a lot of recent infj but I'm a slightly different case with the infp. Most of what was said seems to fit my personality, but others, like will please others more then myself, is totally not me. I stopped doing that years ago once I saw how easily people use that personality type. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to care about others, but it just didn't sit well for my personality as I grew older.
Most people will test as intuitive because they think "sensors" are stupid, which is highly inaccurate. ISTJ is probably the smartest of all types because they have high logic and highest memory storage. If you have depression or take the test when sad or too take it too many times; results will not be accurate. It's best to take it when at peace, steady, or happy. @verucassault xD omg I didn't realize other ENFP's were afraid of hugs! ... I try to do all my research so I don't feel the wrath of higher Te than me! Idk what @reisenpai66 is talking about...>.> I research all my facts!!!!! :D My logic is sound unless it's mainly rational, then it will be whatever fits with my mood with a lil pizazz. Also, you can't be ENTJ and INTJ. because you can't have both extroverted intuition and introverted intuition in your top 4. We have all 8 functions, Ne should be your 5th. However, I think you keep up with me well, but you could have learned to use Ne well at a younger age. (you also could be not listening and i just think you are xD) Also, ENTP is a part of your 4 sides of the mind, though usually it would be when you're sad or unhappy. ESFP is your unconscious side. I go to my unconscious ISTJ when I am anxious or stressed, which is why I think I mesh well with INTJ usually....your flow state, as in normal or happy is INTJ. However, I could see ENTJ as INTP is the shadow. https://preview.redd.it/xfk7dqe6umx51.jpg @burninghalo - Sanfi is also ENTJ. @kameiya - I think you said you might be autistic. For some reason I remember reading that. Autism can greatly influence the test and it's very difficult to be accurate even when you have a trained counselor. I wouldn't have guessed INFP right away, but could be. I'll keep thinking about it though and I might be able to hep pin point it at some point. The reason I think you could be infp, is because the comments that I have seen from you which could simply be coincidence and also I realize that typed thought and verbal patterns don't always match... but I see more Ni and Ti from you. But if you're in a depressed, sad or upset state then you could be in your shadow function which is ENFJ and has those functions in the top 4. Confusing I know. But when you are happiest, do you feel like INFP describes you? When you make art, how is your technique/craft? Is it tidy and "perfect" or is it messy and imperfect, possibly abstract? Are you good with time? Or do you not need a routine or schedule? Do you have a good memory? Do you recall most things or details? Or would you say you're pretty forgetful? Do you see things in absolutes: ie true/false? Or, are you able to possibly see true/false, but always have a rational that might go against logic? I am neuroatypical as well, and I often question ENFP. I thought I was INFP or INFJ at first but that's because of anxiety/disability. Due to life experience and trauma, I've developed functions that shouldn't be for my age.
Teacup, I never said I was autistic and I am not. You're probably confusing me with another person.
I'm forgetful. My memory has been worse ever since my concussion a few years ago and another one from just a few months ago. My writing is based on fantasy. I wouldn't call myself an expert but I think I do an interesting job. I don't do true or false. Even though I'm a constant daydreamer I do keep myself in reality so I don't constantly get blindsighted or gullible to users. I don't really care about the emotions of others unless I am very close to them emotionally.
Ne and Ni are in my top2...ƪ(♥ﻬ♥)ʃ
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