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Gay/bi/les dating

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Sep 01, 16 at 12:04am

Hmmm... I haven't tried this one yet.

Name/age: Angelica only pls, 19

Preferences: Pan-sexual

Location: Central (pm), Texas , USA

Hair/eyes: Black/Brown

Hobbies: Watching Anime(ofc lol), crafting, modding, making animations, learning science/tech,gardening(things I can eat), and trying new things.

Music: All but depends on my mood

Occupation/study: Student

Height/weight: 5'3/ 135?lbs(idk exactly)

Anime's: (needs updating)

What you are looking for: I'm looking for friends. If I like you then I like you but I'll never tell you. If I really wanted a relationship probably another CD, adorable/innocent guy, or an aggressive female is what I'd go for. I'm open to anything if I were looking.

Personal values: Honor is probably a big one. I'm pretty relaxed about most things.

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Cancer/lion/Ox

How'd you find this site? Orinally was looking at legendary type of person and friends.

Oct 04, 16 at 7:02pm

Rawr :3

Nov 25, 16 at 1:30pm to lazy to write all that im 17 i live in washington my music is k-pop and my fav anime is kuroko no basuke im like..idk 5"12? im looking for a guy who loves da cuddles and playing games and watching anime and i value friends and relationships over anything and i was just scrolling thu anime forems..soooo ya

Nov 26, 16 at 1:33am

I'm mostly straight but I like some guys and trans. Mostly looking for friends and maybe more. I like to travel and I like photography. I'm a big film buff, particularly weird or indie films and Asian horror/gore. Obviously I love anime and cuddling. Located in Northern Indiana at the moment.

Nov 27, 16 at 4:14pm

eh..i guess i'll give this a shot
Name/age: Alister/18/(im a trans guy btw)

Location: AZ,US

Hair/eyes: brownish/black but i dye my hair from time to time.brown eyes.

hobbies: drawing,painting,singing,manga/anime

Music: mostly rock and alternative but classical,electronic,kpop,etc.. are good too

Occupation/study: taking art classes

Height: around 5'1 or 152cm (im short)

Anime's: there's a lot but some are sailor moon,osomatsu-san,yuri on ice

What you are looking for: someone funny and nice i guess hah i dont care about gender

Personal values: idk?

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: aries/rilakkuma/tiger

How'd you find this site? just stumbled in here tbh^^

Dec 01, 16 at 10:07pm

Yup bump

Dec 02, 16 at 10:33pm

- Sai
- 28

- Minnesota, USA

- Black hair
- Brown eyes

- Board games
- Card games (mainly Magic the Gathering)
- Anime, video games, etc.

- Whatever pleases my ears.
- Weeb stuff

- Level 1 associate at Amazon

- 4'11"
- 95 pounds

- Steins;Gate
- Clannad
- Love Live!

What you are looking for:
- For the foreseeable future, friends

Personal values:
- Sarcastic
- Naive
- Honest
- Jokes for days

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal:
- Sagittarius
- N/A
- Rabbit

How'd you find this site?

Hit me up if you want to play games or just for a chat. And if you're from MN, maybe we can hang out!
Line: Sai1Nonly
Skype: Sai1Nonly


Name/age: Maxi, 21

Location: Sweden

Hair/eyes: Brown, Blue

hobbies: Music, gamevideos, anime, animals

Music: All from pop, RnB, rock, Jrock

Occupation/study: Studying up my grades

Height/weight: 160 cm or 5'3"

Anime's: mostly yaoi

What you are looking for: Friends first of all~

Personal values: My family, closest friends and my animals

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Cancer

How'd you find this site? Found it randomly when I searched something on google lol

Dec 22, 16 at 10:53pm

Name/age: Kayısı (pronounced KAI-ih-sa or KAI-sa) is fine, 22

Location: MI, USA

Hair/eyes: Red (naturally blonde), navy blue

Hobbies: Studying?, making cosplays, going to cons, reading for fun, writing papers?

Music: male nightcore, anime op's, indie rock

Occupation/study: working as a manager; studying sociology, international studies, and Russian

Height/weight: 5'9, 140 lbs.

Anime: Naruto, Death Note, Psycho-Pass, Durarara!!, Baccano!, Attack on Titan, FMAB, Assassination Classroom, K-Project, OHSHC, Black Butler, Yuri!!! on Ice

Manga (I'm adding this section because it's important): Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul:re, Attack on Titan, Ajin, No. 6, Noblesse, Death Note, Deadman Wonderland, Black Butler

What you are looking for: Friends in the LGBTQ+ community

Personal values: loyalty, kindness, and confidence

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Pisces, ???, dog (I don't find this stuff important, but it's interesting and cool if you value it)

How'd you find this site? an ad in the program from Anime Midwest 2016

trusia commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Feb 11, 17 at 8:53am

Name/age: Jo, 28

Location: it does not matter

Hair/eyes: long brown hair, brown eyes

hobbies: pc and console games, eating vegetarian and vegan food, watching Steven Universe, Adventure Time and 'Catfish', animal rights (rabbits in particular)

Music: maybe a bit of classical music

Occupation/study: foreign language teacher at University + office lady

Height/weight: 173 cm, 56 kg

Anime's: Chihayafuru, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Ergo Proxy, InuYasha, Kobato. But I prefer manga.

What you are looking for: since I am in a happy relationship for the last 2 years I am looking for online friends ;)

Personal values: security, faithfulness, honesty, kindness, responsibility and respect

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Libra, rabbit, dragon

How'd you find this site? I googled it

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