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Jan 04, 16 at 10:08am

Bi-sexual, gays and lesbians, here is your chance to connect with others. I'm starting this thread because it seems challenging at times to find other singles of your preference. :) Enjoy. Here is a format:









What you are looking for:

Personal values:

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal:

How'd you find this site?

Jan 04, 16 at 10:18am

Name/age: Hayley, 20.

Location: Dallas, Texas.

Hair/eyes: Blonde medium-long. Hazel eyes.

hobbies: Camping, hiking, having adventure, playing music, karaoke, drawing anime, being on stage, stand up comedy, rescuing animals, dancing, and being a spiritualist.

Music: Rock, metal, techno, swing, and trance.

Occupation/study: Musician in an 80's/90's rock/metal cover band... Biology/psychology/sociology.

Height/weight: 5'3" and 125 Ibs.

Anime's: Naruto, Pokemon, This Ugly Yet beautiful world, Yugio, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Inuyasha, Hamtaro, Death Note, From Far Away, Skip Beat, Gravitation, and many more!!

What you are looking for: Another female to be mine on here, and friends! And possibly a guy who can play a Gaara role. Hahaha....

Personal values: Spirituality, loyalty, honesty, faith, love, will-power, tenacity.

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Leo/Owl/Boar

How'd you find this site?
Looking for anime unity online.

Jan 07, 16 at 1:14pm

Name/age: Raf, 29

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Hair/eyes: Black , Dark Brown

hobbies: Board Games, Anime themed video games, cooking, biking, graphic design, illustration

Music: Rock, Pop, J-pop / rock

Occupation/study: Freelance Graphic designer / illustrator as well as Creative Director of Avant-Garde Games

Height/weight: 5"10, 200 (i'm working on dropping that)

Anime's: Naruto, Yu-gi-oh! (just series zero and one), Dragonball Z, One Punch Man, One Piece, A Certain Magical Index 1 & 2, A Certain Scientific Railgun 1 & 2, Devil Part-timer, Sword Art Online 1 & 2, Gurran Lagan, etc.

What you are looking for: Someone like me to share my life with...

Personal values: Love, Trust, Honesty, Bravery, Reliability, Loyalty

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: pisces, tree sloth (there so cute @0@) Tigar

How'd you find this site?: I was looking to find more people with similar interests

Sailor Amy commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Sailor Amy
Jan 07, 16 at 2:46pm

Name/age: Amy / 21

Location: Currently in Japan, Originally from Montreal, Canada

Hair/eyes: Brown/Brown

hobbies: Movies, Anime, Chatting, Traveling & Sightseeing

Music: All kinds really :P

Occupation/study: English Teacher

Height/weight: 5'2" / about 100lbs

Anime's: Fullmetal Alchemist (Original and Brotherhood), Death Note, Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade, Chobits, ...

What you are looking for: New friends first and then maybe a long distance relationship at first.

Personal values: Loyalty, Love, Trust, Fun!

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Dog

How'd you find this site? Google search

Jan 12, 16 at 9:07pm

Name/age: dayna/23

Location: illinois

Hair/eyes: brown usually kept short/brown

hobbies: board games, hiking, science

Music: metal, industrial, rock, trance

Occupation/study: lab tech, microbiologist

Height/weight: 4'11/105

Anime's: b gata h kei, welcome to the nhk, madoka magica, future diary

What you are looking for: a friendship fueled by unconditional support and comfort beyond a normal friendship.

Personal values: honesty, openness, the environment

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: taurus/I have to say crow although I can never explain why/monkey

How'd you find this site? forum

ps: feel free to add me/pm me. I like good conversation.

Asura commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Jan 12, 16 at 9:51pm

Name/age: Syn (Ask in private), 21

Location: Ask in private

Hair/eyes: Black / brown

hobbies: Computing, Anime, Gaming, maybe drawing

Music: Metal, K-music, J-music, Rock, Dubstep

Occupation/study: Computer Science

Height/weight: 5'9 / 220lbs ._.

Anime's: Almost any, really.

What you are looking for: Real friends and perhaps a significant other.

Personal values: Loyal, Open minded, Weird

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Taraus, ???, Dog

How'd you find this site?

Jan 12, 16 at 11:06pm

Name/age: Skaii/Mikaela and I am 19

Location: Lancaster, CA

Hair/eyes: I wear wigs/hazel

hobbies: Sleep, eat, read, write, watch anime, cosplay, BDSM, walk, play Neko Atsume, cook

Music: J-music and classical

Occupation/study: Communications

Height/weight: 5'4/254 (Losing weight)

Anime's: Osomatsu-san, AKB0048, Love Live, Haikyuu, Hibike! Euphonium, Meganebu, Kaze to Ki no Uta, etc

What you are looking for: Real friends or significant other.

Personal values: Weird, open minded, creative, and silly

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Fish

How'd you find this site?- The internet

Nakama commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Jan 14, 16 at 12:29am

Name/age: code name J/ 25

Location: South Florida

Hair/eyes: Brown/brown

hobbies: watching anime, reading manga, biking, kayaking, drawing, cosplay, photography, living life.

Music: SKA, Rock & Roll, J-Rock

Occupation/study: Graphic Designer/ Photographer


Anime's: One Piece, good story, genderbend, and anything that catch my interest.

What you are looking for: guys, girls, some thing in-between, and someone I can be my self with.

Personal values: I have to think about this.

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Libra/ Chopper (lol)/ Iron Horse

How'd you find this site? Google search

Jan 20, 16 at 6:56pm

Name/age: Mark, 19

Location: NJ

Hair/eyes: Blue hair (hair is originally a dark brown) Green eyes

hobbies: Anime, Video Games, Reading, Having fun with people

Music: Metal, J-Metal/J-Rock, Punk Rock, some pop stuff

Occupation/study: Graphic Design

Height/weight: 5 foot 10, 104 pounds (I'm underweight but not anorexic lol)

Anime's:I love too much anime to keep track of

What you are looking for: Other guys

Personal values: Friends, Family, Anything I own lol

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: a fox cause why not

Jan 24, 16 at 11:20pm

Name/age: Sanya Alessa Bennett 19

Location: South Carolina

Hair/eyes: Brunette Blue eyes

hobbies: Mecha/Games/Reading and chatting!


Occupation/study: Going to Trident Tech Soon Dont know what i'll go for yet!

Height/weight:5"11 183

Anime's: Full metal panic/alchemist,GATE,Fate/Zero/Stay night, Code Geass, Ghost in the shell *Anything mecha*

What you are looking for: Female partner who is either just female or trans female like me

Personal values: Friends and the ones who are close to me

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: uh scorpio idk

How'd you find this site? Friend suggested it

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