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Feb 21, 17 at 3:56pm

Name/age:Lauren/ 20

Location:a small city in southern Texas

Hair/eyes:Dark brown and brown (sometimes i wear wigs)

hobbies: crocheting, knitting, drawing (traditional and digital), gaming,anime, and netflix

Music: jpop, edm, porter robinson, shawn wasabi, christian

Occupation/study: none/ academic basics

Height/weight: 5'3"/ 190 lbs

Anime's: Tsubasa chronicles, macross series, fma brotherhood, gurren lagann, romance,and action

What you are looking for: a boy or girl is fine with me. if a girl im not intrested in anything sexual, same with boy.but ya, im bi :P

Personal values: i am religious but not pushy. and i always believe there is good in everyone

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: libra/cat/rat

How'd you find this site? thank google

Feb 21, 17 at 8:39pm

Name/age: Bulba 24

Location: England of the United Kingdom

Hair/eyes: Dark Brown with Hazel Eyes

hobbies: Gaming, Art, cosplay, socialising and enjoying life

Music:As long as it is catchy or moves me then I'might game!

Occupation/study: Video game concept artist (trainee)

Height/weight: 6ft 1 and juicy

Anime's: look at my profile

What you are looking for: A truthful guy who is open minded, likes to have fun but isn't afraid to show their vulnerability :3
I wanna share my world with them and I hope that they will do the same ^_^

I would also like to make some friends too along my journey towards success and happiness ^_^

Personal values: You can be whatever you want in this life as long as you don't harm anyone else, yourself, the planet and/or go out of your way to harm others!

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Libra, Year of the Monkey

How'd you find this site?

Anything else?
The key to success isn't by how many riches you have. Success is measured by happiness! :3

Boopadoodledo :3 commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Boopadoodledo :3
May 04, 17 at 2:45am

Name/age: Melanie 20

Location: Texas

Hair/eyes: Brown with Hazel Eyes

hobbies: Gaming, Anime, Fashion, Cute stuff :3

Music: Rock

Occupation/study: Schoooool

Height/weight: 5'2 and 100 lbs xD

Anime's: TOO MANY

What you are looking for: A girl that makes me feel cute and will do things with me xD

Personal values: Uhm, don't be an asshole XD

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: I HAVE NO IDEA HELP

How'd you find this site? Looking for anime dating sites lmao

Anything else? Nyahhh ^~^ <3

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
May 04, 17 at 7:57am
This account has been suspended.
Goodbye, Goodnight commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Goodbye, Goodnight
May 04, 17 at 8:54am

Name/age: Kay 18

Location: IN

Hair/eyes: Straight sometimes curly brown/ bluegreen

hobbies: writing drawing poetry gaming former cosplayer

Music: all rock some folk and alt rock


Height/weight: 5''2, 100

Anime's: DMW Elfen Lied Naruto

What you are looking for: Anything lol

Personal values: People who give af

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Sagi

How'd you find this site?: an add lol

May 11, 17 at 7:37pm

location: unknown
Hair/eyes: brown hair blue eyes
hobbies: Reading, writing, walking
music: rock , country
occupation: student
Height/weight: 5'2 1/4 180lbs (im nkt gonna say im trying to decrease that number because I love gummy fish way too much XD)
Animes: black butler, full metal alchemist, fairytales
What im looking for: another person who is easy to talk to for i am an awkward human
Personal values: I value honesty and sincerity

May 21, 17 at 7:32pm

Name/Age : My friends call me Miharu or Clover
Hair/Eyes : Plat Blond but its naturally dirt blond, blue eyes.
Hobbies : Writing, singing, and sewing
Music : I love Bastille
Occupation/Study : Highschool but doing a Japanese class at the local community college
Height/Weight : 5"6/109 pounds
Anime : Aoi Hana or Smile PreCure
What you are looking for : I dunno. Fun? Someone between 14 & 19. I'm not picky, but any gender is fine although I'm not openly bi to anyone irl.
Personal Values : Uhmmm, Well I hate racist people, sexist people and homophobes. So ye.
Horoscope/Spirit Animal : Libra/ Blue bird
How'd you find this site : I actually have no idea.

Blue commented on Gay/bi/les dating
May 26, 17 at 6:57am

Name/age:Dezairay, 19 years old

Location: Minnesota

Hair/eyes: Hair color dark brown, eye color dark brown

hobbies: Watching anime, cartoons, shows, movies. Reading, writing, sewing, and gaming.

Music: Punk, Pop. soul, classical etcetera.

Occupation/study: I'm studying business and I work as a part=time babysitter as well as a part-time security guard.

Height/weight: I'm 5 feet 10 inches and I'm plus sized

Anime's: I like Bleach and Ouran high school host club (there are way more but I gave the two extream sides to my tast in anime).

What you are looking for: I look for someone who is okay with me being queer not just lesbian or bisexual, loyalty (I rather you break up with me instead of cheat), friendship within the relationship, and someone who tr5eats their relationships like they will be long-term ( I'm not looking for a hook-up).

Personal Values: I value my family, my friends, honest, and independence.

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: I'm a Virgo, born the year or the ox, and I don't know my spirit animal.

How'd you find this site?

I found this site by recommendation. My friend from high school told me that it was cool so I gave it a try. I think I made a good decision.

Dec 07, 17 at 1:10am

Name/age: I go by Makoto online/17
Location: Northwest US
Hair/eyes: brown and blonde (from old dye)/grey, blue, hazel, changes sometimes
Hobbies: Playing music, gaming
Music: Rock, jazz, metal, kpop, those are my favorites but I like just about everything
Occupation/study: ...not sure
Height/weight: 6'2", 150
Anime: Ancient Magus Bride, Gurren Lagann, Your lie in april, etc etc
Looking for: Friends to talk about anime with, hopefully a relationship. *Disclaimer* Not 100% about homosexuality yet but I have a fairly open mind
Personal Values: Honesty? not sure...
Horoscope: Chinese zodiac, Dragon. Regular zodiac, Taurus.
Found this site: Google search :P

shizuka16 commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Dec 11, 17 at 10:38am

Name/age: Leah 16
Location: Cheshire
Hair/eyes: Blonde hair blue eyes
hobbies: Playing the flute or piano, gaming and writing music
Music: Kpop, Classic, Japanese and some rock songs
Occupation/study: Studying Russian history and Music
Height/weight:5'9 and I have no idea what I way. Also I don't care
Anime's: List is too long to type
What you are looking for: Someone who will listen to me when I'm sad and someone who I can laugh with.
Personal values: I'm very honest and I care more about people than myself.
Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Libra
How'd you find this site? My friend told me about it she found this because she was stalking her crush.

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