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Move to japan.


its really hard to immigrate to japan, theyr extremely isolationist

idk where you would plan to stay, but apparently living in the cities is extreme expensive (probably because everyone wants to live there) theyr having issues with ghost towns so maybe moving to a small town would be a good idea (the japanese countryside is so pretty anyways)

getting a job as a translator or teaching english probz wouldnt be too difficult, and you can skirt the horrible work overload and corporate worship they have, and if they approve your residency visa, i think its probz a good idea. just keep in mind the japanese arent very delighted toward foreigners, and make sure you know the language fluently (speaking and being able to read all kana) you might get lonely though, moving to a whole new country, but if you enjoy the culture id say go for it, just maybe keep in mind the people arent always very friendly/accepting of foreigners

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