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I'd look at CdawgVA too https://maiotaku.com/topics/52037?page=1#
Its very very dependant in areas such as Okinawa and very old fashioned places such as Tokyo, where it's the older generation running these areas not anyone under 50. - You'll find when people tell you about places they live they tend to only talk about the bad more than the good, it happens in any country and area. - Their not intimidated, they just don't know how to speak English fluently and don't want to scare people, that's all it is. - Obviously videos are going to cut out the things they don't want and only have "The good stuff" in videos. They may have 5 people saying bad things about foreigners but they interview over 100+ people to try get those answers. It's like going to Texas and asking "who hates xxx race?" 99% of people will say they don't but they'll find 1% of people that do and make an entire video around it called "Texas is racist, interviewing racists" - You say it isn't like anime, obviously crap love plots and exaggeration is going to be there, but you'd be amazed about how much of it is correct (Apart from coloured hair, you can't dye your hair).