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Move to japan.

Is it a great or bad idea for me to move to japan. I love the atmosphere and how nice and shy people are. I'm someone who says I love everyone and try my best to never hate. I make sure life never stresses me out but people are full of stress so I just want to be around people who don't act miserable.
There's like a hundred of these threads in the forums look there if you're interested. Or you know make big life changing decisions yourself based on what you research on japan and how it is to live there rather than some rando saying yes or no. But hey that's just my thoughts
they dont let people in easily, well if you wanna go temporary thats ok but pretty much impossible to move there permanently.
Alot of places arent foreigner friendly, such as bars, and certain stores wont allow you to enter unless you are with another japanese person. Alot of people are stuck on this japanese fantasy. It isnt at all like the anime. They dont really welcome outsiders and are really elitists. Places like tokyo and big name prefectures might be more welcoming. But certain districs are no go zones for anyone whobisnt of japanese descent. Some wouldnt want to sit next to you on a train, because they feel you might try to talk to them.
May 03, 21 at 10:34pm
as long as your not causing problems, you'll be good
@panda what you said is pretty much 99% wrong... I live in Japan as a half Jap/Eng after living in the UK for 22 years, my Japanese is so doo doo, cashiers struggle to understand what I say. - Don't go unless you're financially stable and have an actual plan/reason to go (e.g. visit Kyoto for the architecture and history etc, Akihabara because you're a dirty weeb) - Stores do let foreign people in... I've never had an issues, if anything they go out of their way to help you, by drawing maps, using broken English, Google translate etc. The Japanese are VERY welcoming. - "it isn't like anime" obviously it isn't but where do you think anime gets their inspiration from? Japan, culture, surroundings, life etc. I work at a school and most anime's are about 75% accurate with the high school section. - I live in the countryside, their a lot nicer than city people, they don't talk first because they don't want to offend you with their poor English or their worries they'll mess up English and are shy. Go for it, if you want to, don't ask just do. I decided to move here, it was stressful and hard to do, but it was a great choice and I'm glad I live here
@xaldarino i have american friends living in Okinawa, Tokyo and Misawa japan. They have told me their experiences while they love japan and all that there are alot of places that have the no gaijin signs and give them the X when they walk in. Sometimes they get a pass if they have other japanese with them. Not all places are this way obviously but alot of japanese get intimidated by foreigners. You can hear this from the japanese themselevs in video interviews and all that. Its the language barrier more than anything. I cant say for sure because i have not been there but it isnt like anime. The culture and all that might derive from real life but it is very exaggerated. The work culture, the schooling, the way they talk all of this is different than in anime.
Its very very dependant in areas such as Okinawa and very old fashioned places such as Tokyo, where it's the older generation running these areas not anyone under 50. - You'll find when people tell you about places they live they tend to only talk about the bad more than the good, it happens in any country and area. - Their not intimidated, they just don't know how to speak English fluently and don't want to scare people, that's all it is. - Obviously videos are going to cut out the things they don't want and only have "The good stuff" in videos. They may have 5 people saying bad things about foreigners but they interview over 100+ people to try get those answers. It's like going to Texas and asking "who hates xxx race?" 99% of people will say they don't but they'll find 1% of people that do and make an entire video around it called "Texas is racist, interviewing racists" - You say it isn't like anime, obviously crap love plots and exaggeration is going to be there, but you'd be amazed about how much of it is correct (Apart from coloured hair, you can't dye your hair).
Sep 21, 21 at 9:18am
@campione if you want to do it then do it. It'll be a good experience either way.
Sep 21, 21 at 1:04pm
@xaldarino Just like pretty much anywhere. The people are nicer in the countryside. If you don't have half workable Japanese though you'll struggle more with the language barrier outside of major cities. That's not to say you can't get by. The Abroad In Japan YouTube channel is relevant for anyone looking for more insight into what it would actually be like living in Japan https://www.youtube.com/c/AbroadinJapan
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