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Respect? [American] vs [Japanese]


The best way to live is to hold no judgement. Both the Buddha and Christ have been quoted in some form as saying this.

The expectations we hold ourselves to are what dictate how others will see us.

By that I believe that though uniform standards are necessary in certain cases; our ability to live happily rests on the foundation of how we treat others as ourselves.


When two of the biggest American animated sitcoms best define America (Family Guy and The Simpsons), it says alot.

Even if it is mostly exaggeration, the latter seasons of both were worse with this.



To be fair, Japan's most popular comedy show Gaki no Tsukai does a bunch of things that would be totally unacceptable in Japanese society. I think it has a lot to do with breaking societies expectations when it comes to comedy.


What commonly happen in that show?

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