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Respect? [American] vs [Japanese]


I'm learning so much just by reading the comments section

kratos10987 commented on Respect? [American] vs [Japanese]
Jan 14, 19 at 12:20pm

Neither America nor Japan are perfect. Both have their positive traits, and both their negative. Neither is going to become perfect. That's simply human nature, and it's not changing anytime soon. I'm the sort of person that, rather than bemoan the shortcomings of a group as a whole, I try to look to what I can do better. Even if all I can do is make 1 person laugh for 1 moment, that could be enough to make life better for that person, and they could in turn make life better for someone else. It's not wrong to want to improve the whole of the country, but don't try to be a super hero about it. Do what you can do to make things better. There is a talent only you have, even if you don't know what it is yet, and you have no way of knowing how far it will reach. You may only see the one person smile, but that smile may spread across groups larger than you'd hope to count.

Jan 14, 19 at 6:23pm
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Jan 14, 19 at 6:29pm

@Judgment I agree.

@Lamby and Kratos I agree. I love America. But I just hate it when normies think they're arrogant and hurtful and hedonistic behavior should be standard. There are a lot of good things about America. As an Asian, I am glad to be American because I have the freedom I need and want. Asian culture doesn't like individuality. XD

I'm sorry if I sounded negative. I just thought America's self-destructive side was really freaking weird. I just hope it doesn't spread to power and politics. XD

Jan 14, 19 at 6:30pm

@PK Cute bunny~!

Jan 14, 19 at 7:59pm

see, how i see it, usually its weebs saying japan is so much better in every way (i dont mean to call you a weeb, its more i was strawmanning the general discussion with that frame)

dont apologize, i was also pretty negative xD!
kek dont worry about our political system becoming shit, it already is

i think we can all agree that the two cultures could learn from one another to become better, and with certain subcultures like yami kawaii and shows bringing a spot like to the work issues like aggretsuko issues are being addressed

Jan 15, 19 at 7:31pm

@Lamby It's alright. I am a weeb with restraint. I promise. XD

I like both countries~

Mar 06, 19 at 4:24pm

Asian countries have a culture that tend to emphasize the community over the individual
America has a culture that emphasizes the individual over the community. Every man for himself!

I think saying people in Asian countries are more respectful isn't quite right, because there are some
groups that are definitely not treated with the same respect as in USA, for example: it might be more problematic to be in the LGBTQ community, black, disabled, or even just as a woman (Tokyo Medical University was adjusting down their test scores!)

Forget it if you are a foreigner; you won't be treated the same. (You ever notice how even all the foreign characters in anime are half-Japanese? Yeah...)

Strong sense of community? Sure. Are people welcoming of others in that community? Maybe.

Mar 06, 19 at 4:29pm
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