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Respect? [American] vs [Japanese]


Is it me or is American/Western culture based around being rude while Japanese culture promotes respect and teamwork?

Offline, people are generally nice.

But in terms of culture, American shows lack depth and are hedonistic while Japanese shows have that kind of Asian depth to them?

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I've been choosing the wrong shows. I'm just skeptical of the Western world. Not hating, not ranting.

Thanks. I'd like to hear other views on this.


i mean

ever seen aggretsuko? its not all that great work wise there

This account has been suspended.

Japanese are nicer, but there's a reason the concepts of Honne/Tatemae are a thing there.

The niceness may be at the cost of lack of honesty, wich may be a different problem on it's own.

Jan 13, 19 at 3:06pm

We are depicted in anime as assholes almost always and it is kind of irritating. And the girls are always blond.


if you want to talk close minded, the japanese havent even legalized gay marriage

plus many issue such as mental illness are taboo

its thats respect and honor and reserved nature that is a detriment at times, though it is refreshing to see

shit, even in england just say "what?" instead of "pardon" is considered rude


There is one weird rude thing I learned they do in United States.
Somehow, in this country, you are warm and friendly if you shout instead of speaking normally.

And there's a funny coincidence between Canada and Japan. Canadians say sorry all the time and Japaneses say sorry all the time.


the work environment in japanese does seem to be honor and respec based, but thats a double edge sword

it means late working honors and working yourself to exhaustion is actually seen as a prefered act there

sexism and disrespect by superiors is rampant, and its one of the leading causes of the growing NEET/hikikomori problem in japan

men would rather stay home with their parents (which is seen as normal in late ages) then work to death by companies and its not hard to see why they would prefer that

america is far more preferable, though our lack of vacation time is ridiculous

americans are less respectful, but that also means we're more laid back and warm because of that

im team america on this one


Oh, I definitely get what you mean. I'm not close-minded though. Don't accuse me of that, haha. XD

I'm team America, too, because of freedom.

I like both countries.


team chile

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