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24 year old Male
Last online almost 2 years ago
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dr.snow @friendlessguy left a comment for rinse
Feb 01, 20 at 9:45pm
You better not
Onizuka @averageboss left a comment for rinse
Dec 27, 19 at 9:31am
Sending you a friend request so that I can PM you your game code. PM me when you accept. :)
Lemon @lemoncake left a comment for rinse
Nov 03, 19 at 9:44am
I will make sure to put it on my list of things to watch.
rinse @rinse commented on Hearts
Feb 25, 21 at 1:21am
but 10 years is nothing for a greek statue, amirite?
Feb 25, 21 at 1:16am
I'm casting for a youtube show based on the Genius, which is a Liar Game/Tomodachi Game clone. Post here on the forum or message me if that sounds interesting to you, and I can answer any questions you have or give more details. (application, trailer videos, full descrip, requirements, etc) It's been in the works a long time! It'll be quite good, though it's still made by a fan group. You can see the trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rlimtyr3EGE&feature=emb_title and the application and more details is also in the video description. March 13th app deadline, thank you for listening to this random chatter of mine. I know otakus love death games lmao.